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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The best Le Tigre post, ever

Angry lesbian/feminist/leftists put out a couple of pretty fair albums in the early 2000's, if you're unfamiliar this may or may not be your thing.....kind of a mix of Riot Grrrrl-ish punk rock and electroclash noise, all held together with a political view somewhere to the left of Rage Against the Machine......if that sounds like your cup of tea, you've come to the right place. If not, well, one of these days I'll get around to that "Best Skrewdriver post ever" I've been holding out on for so long now (and I'm serious about that too.....I think Skrewdriver and Angry Aryans have every right in the world to put thier ideas to music, every bit as much as do Le Tigre, RATM, Tom Robinson, et al.......I've posted a LOT more leftist stuff than I have the opposite (the left DOES seem to have better musical chops), but my point is that when I DO post Skrewdriver or Ian Stuart and the Klansmen or something, I expect the "Freedom of speech" crowd to be as tolerant as they are of the leftist stuff I have so often posted......I am a true "common sense" type, without much use for PURE liberal OR conservative thought.....but I DO try to respect the rights of others to state their views as they see fit, which is more than I can say for soi many I have encountered on both the left AND the right.

Le Tigre were formed by Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill (on whom I have never done a post, but should, really liked some of their stuff as well) along with Johanna Fateman and JD Samson (Sadie Benning was a member for the first album only, I beleive)...the self titled debut came out in 1999, I don't think I could describe the style/sound any better than I already have, this is pure lesbian/feminist music, as "pure" as one could possibly want to hear.....again, if this is your "thing", it's pretty damn good ("Hot Topic" and "What's Yr Take on Cassavettes?" are standout tracks, not that they are the only ones) my opinion, though, their best moment was 2001's fine "Feminist Sweepstakes" with some crushing tunes like "Fake French" and the fabulously angry "FYR" (their best track, IMO).....if you only want to try out ONE, make it "Feminist Sweepstakes"......

They switched lables and in 2004 released thier final (I assume) "official" album, "This Island", not bad but no match for the two earlier albums.....if you freak for this stuff, though, you will want to have this one as well.....for some reason I have quite a few rarities from these ladies, a fine EP entitled "From the Desk of Mr Lady", which features the classic song title "They Want Us to Make a Symphony Out of the Sound of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues"....can't go wrong with THAT right? I also have a live EP recorded in Sweden 2002, with a smoking version of "FYR" and some tunes not available on the albums.....

I have another EP, having a hard time finding out exactly what it is, it is 2002 remixes of some of the songs off of "Feminist Sweepstakes", evidently according to some of my gibberish notes, the remixes were possibly performed by electro-wizards Chicks on Speed? I could be wrong about that. Finally ANOTHER remix album, featuring all sorts of remixes of tracks from "This Island".

This is good music, to me......politically it as at the very least challenging and thought provoking, and the better suff like "FYR" hits like a sledgehammer. I know some will not like this, but as I said before, some would not like Skrewdriver (come to think of it I DID post Prussian Blue once, forgot about that)......if you're offended by the views/thoughts of others, frankly, you have wandered into the wrong blog.

The snow is snowing, and I'm going to have to go plow some of it tonight......I hope everyone stays safe. Super Bowl tomorrow, I could care less who wins it, but me thinks it'll be the 49ers taking their sixth SB title......anyone else have any thoughts? I may not even get to watch it live as I may still be plowing snow at that point in time.......if so it will be the first one EVER, yes EVER, that I did not watch live.....if I can make 3 or 4 hundred bucks plowing snow and have a perfectly working TIVO common sense dictates showing me the money.....even if the Vikings were playing? Don't be silly......I'd be plowng in HELL, because it will, in such a case, no doubt be freezing over......

LE TIGRE-01 Deceptacon/02 Hot Topic/03 What's Yr Take on Cassavettes?/04 The Empty/05 Phanta/06 Eau d'Bedroom Dancing/07 Let's Run/08 My My Metrocard/09 Friendship Station/10 Slideshow at Free University/11 Dude Yr So Crazy/12 Les and Ray

FEMINIST SWEEPSTAKES-01 LT Tour Theme/02 Shred A/03 Fake French/04 FYR/05 On Guard/06 Much Finer/07 Dyke March 2001/08 Tres Bien/09 Well Well Well/10 TGIF/11 My Art/12 Cry For Everything Bad That's Ever Happened/13 Keep On Livin'

THIS ISLAND-01 On the Verge/02 Seconds/03 Don't Drink Poison/04 After Dark/05 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo/06 TKO/07 Tell You Now/08 New Kicks/09 Viz/10 This Island/11 I'm So Excited/12 Sixteen/13 Punker Plus

FROM THE DESK OF MR LADY-01 Get Off the Internet/02 Bang! Bang!/03 They Want Us To Make a Symphony Out of the Sound of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues/04 Yr Critique/05 Gone B4 Yr Home/06 Mediocrity Rules/07 All That Glitters

LIVE SWEEN 2002-01 Tour Theme/02 My Art/03 The Empty/04 FYR/05 My My Metrocard/06 Mediocrity Rules/07 Critique/08 Keep On Livin'/09 Deceptacon/10 Let's Run

2002 REMIXES-01 Decaptacon/02 Dyke March 2001/03 Much Finer/04 Tres Bien/05 On Guard/06 Mediocrity Rules

2005 THIS ISLAND REMIXES-01 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Junior Senior Remix)/02 TKO (Peaches Knockout Mix)/03 After Dark (Ndb Vocal Disco Mix)/04 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo(Arthur Baker vs Coleman and Spencer Smashter Remix)/05 After Dark (Morsels Pink Noise Vocal Mix)/06 Nanny Nanny Boo Boo (Craig C's Turn It Up Vocal Mix)/07 After Dark (Morsels Pink Noise Dub Mix)

Links hopefully in a little while if that wonderous Zippyshare continues it's fine performance


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    There's four of the seven already, still waiting on the live EP and the 2 remix albums, but so far, GOOD performance by good ol Zippyshare today (see I give credit when credit is due).....hopefully the last three links will be up before I gotta go to work

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    2002 REMIXES

  5. Yes ... some Bikini Kill would be 'real' nice!Thanks for Le Tigre.

  6. Hey there! Been looking for the debut for a bit...the link is down. Any chance of a re-up? :)