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Friday, February 15, 2013

A REAL quick one (but don't miss it)

My son's basketball game starts in about 2 hours, so I need a quickie post before I'm off and running.....and here is the perfect one. The other day (or last week or the week before or something) I posted some humorous albums, posting the "Remouns", Beach Boys tracks done up Ramones style...couple thoughts. First of all, after posting it, I listened to iagain, it really isn't all that great. And secondly, I commented in the post that I had actually wanted to post "Leave Stockholm" by Gabba, ABBA tracks done up Ramones style, but I couldn't find it anywhere......well, while putting some CD's back on the shelves I found it. This is one of the great recordings in the history of sound waves. DO NOT MISS this if you have ANY type of a sense of humor whatsoever (I can only imagine some adle-brain saying "Hey maaan, I take the  Ramones SERIOUSLY why you be hatin on them?) God I love humanity sometimes.

This is hilarious and great/wonderful album, if I gave the Remouns, say, a C+ for it's humor/musical content/seuccess ratio, I give this an pulls it off PERFECTLY. I love it. You aren't going to wish to listen to it over and over again, IT'S A JOKE......and really, I personally don't sit around and listen to the REAL Ramones all the time either....all about having a goddamn sense of humor, so many of us do not. Love ya all and something more substantial/significant tomorrow!

01 Waterloo/02 Gabba Gabba/03 Mama Mia/04 Super Shock Trooper/05 The Pinhead Takes It All/06 SOS/07 Hej Ho Disco/08 Knowing Me Knowing You/09 Gimme Gimme Gimme (Shock Treatment at Midnite)/10 So Log/11 Rockaway Beach

This ones so short I should have (ZIppy willing) the link up before tip-off! Allegedly there is also a Gabba album "Missle to Malmo", but a joke is funny only once. Ask the REAL Ramones.


  1. A new land speed record


  2. because i am an absolute sucker for these kinds of things, do you happen to have the other album too?

  3. Thank you. This should be great. Being a pop fan I actually like some of the best of Abba (in small doses) and likewise being a pop fan I like the Ramones. AND I like odd versions of songs. So this sounds like it's right down my alley.

    How'd the b-ball game go?


    Ace K.

  4. i agree with bglobe313. excellent!

  5. I'm late to the Gabba party but can't find it anywhere - I've tried the band's website to try and buy the actual CD, down to iTunes, amazon and then torrent sites... no joy :(

  6. I didn’t know there were bands out there that make humorous versions of songs. I have never heard of something like that, guess I don’t have a great sense of humor.