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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yet another email from one who "gets it"

This one I really take pride in because it comes from "GIVEMEACID", evidently a member of Datura who produced two of the ALL TIME GREAT stoner classics "Visions of the Celestial" and "Allisone", two albums that I LOVE and am honored to have a member of that band even take a GLANCE at my blog.....note, he is NOT crying "Take my shit DOWN.....I don't want anyone HEARING it.....take it down or I swear to God I'M GOING TO TELLLLLLLL" (Hi, Corrosion of Conformity, Green Day, and Molly Neuman of Bratmobile).......there really ARE some people left on this planet without mental deficiencies, some times you just gotta search a little bit......anyway, next few days the Datura post gets reupped.....they deseerve it and am PROUD AND HAPPY that he like the brief write up I gave him. Thanks, GIVEMEACID, you made my day!

Scott M

GIVEMEACID has left a new comment on your post "The best Datura post ever":

Nice piece on my band :)
here's what our discography looks like...

"Happiness Grows" track (1993)
"Ride the Colour Skies" track (1994)
Demo 1 (cassette only 1995)
Demo 2 (cassette only 1996)
Demo 3 (cassette only 1997)
All Is One (1998)Reisuued on LP, in 2012, with an extra LP of a live show from 1998)
Visions of the Celestial (1999)

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