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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The best 1313 Mockingbird Lane post, ever

Today, lets go with some VERY primal garage rock, 1313 Mockingird Lane, ( named of course form the Munsters address)....their claim was that they "kept to the basics of fuzz guitar, farfisa organ, and screaming" sums them up pretty well, and what could possibly be wrong with that? The lineup was Hauneted Hausman (guitar, vocals), Kim13 (organ), Jay Howlett (Bass, vocals), and a myriad of drummers.....if you enjoyed the "USA Garage Greats" series, if you enjoyed "Nuggets", if you enjoy the music of, say The Chesterfield Kings, The Miracle Workers and the like, this is for you, trust me.....this is great shit.

What we have here is a massive singles collection (excitingly entitled "The Singles"), as well as their only full length "Have Hearse Will Travel".....don't know, really, what I can say....I think the description is accurate, and this shit is the fucking bomb. If you like the shit I mentioned earlier there is NO WAY that this is not for you....if you are a regular reader here, WHY are you so if you do not desire to hear this bomb-ass shit from 1313 Mockingbird Lane? It kicks serious ass. Really all I need to say.

THE SINGLES-01 Hornet's Nest/02 My Hearse (It's Double Parked)/03 Teenage Devil Doll/04 Tilt-A-Whirl/05 Things Are Different Now/06 Egyptian Caveman/07 Monkey Cage Girl/08 Pretty Boys/09 Psychedelic Monster/10 Dead Mary/11 Slow Death/12 Dirty Bitch/13 Latin Louie/14 Hey Joe/15 Albany/16 Hey Hey Hey/17 Alice Dee/18 The Spider and The Fly/19 Devil's Weed/20 Tamala/21 Naked (And Waiting)/22 Backwash Beach/23 Problems/24 Drambuie

HAVE HEARSE WILL TRAVEL-01 Dig Her Up/02 Big Black Car/03 Bat's Milk Yogurt/04 Headless Angel/05 Teenage Devil Doll/06 Blood On the Moon/07 My Hearse/08 Ooga Booga Baby/09 Jack the Ripper/10 Wolfman/11 Tilt-a-Whirl/12 Hey You/13 Space Ghost

As you know, ZIppyshare is what "it is"......hopefully the links will be up pretty early in the day sunday, but who the fuck knows? Zippyshare is NOT a modelof consistency, and I have a bunch oif shit I hope to get done on Sunday.....anyway, I'm going to go pass out soon, and when I awaken HOPEFULLY these TWO fucking links will be ready to go....if not, oh fucking well is all I can say, check later in the day.....I wish I had a better FREE service to upload this shit for you folks. unfortunately, I do not.......have a cool remainder of your weekend, minions, and all you bithes that want to fuck me, you don't HAVE TO KEEP IT SECRET any longer......for God's sake. just unburden yourselves and TELL ME!




  2. It's great to get a bunch of their singles. They did have a second long playing release, 1993's Triskaidekaphobia. It was on Midnight International Records.

    1. do you have a copy to shaer? I''ll post it here if you have a link

    2. I do have the CD. I'll try ripping it and send you a copy. If I feel up to it, I'll provide scans so stoolpacker will stop bitching.

    3. That would be awesome....I could give a fuck about scans etc....this is about MUSIC, and i HATE when some asswipe bitches as thouhgh I am some sort of public utility......ALL my CD's (all 15000) have plain white labels on them, SO FUCKING WHAT? I can still listen to them.....anyway, if you have that disc, and can share it that would be too cool!


  3. Pretty cool stuff, too bad there is lack of scans and tagging

  4. Dear "Smellbacher": If you don't like it, please avail yourself of the MANY other blogs on the web which might be more suited to what you are looking for. I put enough time into this go blog as it is, GO FIND YOUR OWN SCANS and tag the tracks YOURSELF. I am not your employee, I am providing an appreciative (USUALLY) circle of friends with music that they might enjoy and not be familiar with. If this is not an acceptable practie to you, pleae find a blog with features more conductive to your liking. I am beyond certain that you will be missed here, terribly, but the blog SOMEHOW will manage to tredge on. Oh, and fuck you.

  5. True, you would hope downloaders would be appreciative as they are on private trackers (or they're kicked off), that's why I've put a sign on the door of my blog. But I have to ask, if you're really about the music and if it was from original cd/lp why not rip it lossless w/cue and log and then of course Accurip would give the tags automatically.

    And by the way, it's conducive not conductive unless you're planning to electrocute Smellbacher.