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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Forever 19

Another of those obscuro 1980's new wave bands, this one is really worth your time, kind of reminiscent of the Cars/Roxy Music, this album "Come as You Were Born" is a nearly criminally overlooked epic from 1985, it's almost impossible to find any info on the band (I've tried), but whatever, even though I can't find a list of their personnel, or even where they originated from, this is a likable enough album for me to share with my friends tonight........I've been awfully hard on 1980's music in this forum before, but there ARE, to be fair, a bunch of unknown/overlooked gems such as this one from that era, which I've tried to demonstrate.......this is a good album, the singer has a VERY odd voice, which made 1980's new wave what it was, I guess, and as I said, they have likely heard a few Cars/Roxy music albums in their me, is all I can say, this is a pretty good one, you
will likely not be disappointed, in particular if you are a fan of 1980's new wave, this is a GOOD one....

COME AS YOU WERE BORN-01 Wings Of Decay/02 In Your Eyes/03 See Me Now/04 The Hero/05 Watch the Skies/06 Questions/07 Beside You/08 Place In Your Heart/09 Pictures/10 Sleep


  1. FOREVER 19

  2. This was pretty solid.
    Sorta reminded me of Modern English here and there.
    Surprisingly rocking leads, too!

  3. Sorry Scott, link is down. Any idea where I can get them? Can't find it anywhere else. Thanks

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