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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Persona Non Grata

Another quickie, a 980's new-wave crew (this time from French) that VERy few are familiar with, cannot
find a personnel lineup (maybe could if I tried a LITTLE harder), but take this to the bank.....once you get used to the french/english blur of the lyrics/vocals, this is a dark, spooky, and quite good "cold wave" Ep ca early 80's sometime......I've always enjoyed this dark effort a bit, if you dug the Marquis De Sade disc I had for you a couple weeks ago, you'll go for this too, I think......

OUR SHADES OF SIN-01 The Heirs (Part )/02 The Heirs (part 2)/03 Brother/04 Sunk With a Sheen/05 The Clawning/06 Iroquois Hound Boys (And Bogey Girls)/07 Lacerados Hombres

Please leave a comment with your opinions as to this disc, should you sample it, thanks!

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