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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Not So Lucky Country

I'm just having some fun tonight, putting up this and that as I do sometimes (everything doesn't have to
be an all week thing like the Janis Joplin thing was, that was almost like WORK!)...I already posted some VERY recent female-fronted riff-rock (Black State Highway) and some pretty much unknown 1980's new wave semi-greatness (Forever 19), now why not some Australian punk/thrash/hardcore from a bunch of obscure down-under me (I say once again), it's pretty damn good, if you're a fan of obscure punk......there is some goddamn fine hardcore punk shit on here, ca. late 1980's, in fact two discs, PLEASE download and then tell me what ya think of the very cool Where's The Pope, Ardvarks Afterbirth, Aligator Parade, Slub, Psychotic Maniacs, and TONS more......comps like this are a reason for living, please join me and enjoy some thrashing ramalama punk rock from down under, you will not be sorry, I am gonna guarentee this for ya!!

THE NOT SO LUCKY COUNTRY-01 ARM THE INSANE-Fight Or Die/02 WHERE'S THE POPE-Jesus Gets Rich/03 NOBODY'S VICTIM-Create Your Own Rules/04 END RESULT-National Service/05 FEAR AND LOATHING-44VD/06 INTERNAL HOEMORRAGE-After the War/07 G.A.S.H.-The Socialite/08 PERMANENT DAMAGE-Kids Play With Guns/09 COSMIC PSYCHOS-Custom Credit/10 MASSAPPEAL-Elitist Shit/11 CONDEMNED ATTITUDE-Homeless Crew/12 RENEGADE-Riot Squad Gladiator/13 ARDVARKS AFTERBIRTH-Army of Hitlers/14 SEPTIC SAW BLADES-Wars/15 FESTER BROTHERS-Gag/16 DEATH SENTENCE-Fear/17 SLUB-HLD/18 DEPRESSION-War and Freedom/19 CIVIL DISSIDENT-Memories of Menzies/20 THE HARD ON'S-Show Us What ya Got/21 ALLIGATOR PARADE-Wild Chicken Farm/22 FILTHY SCUMBAGS-Larger Drinkers From Hell/23 UTTER STENCH-Slappy's/24 BAD RONALD-The Tree Song/25 DEATH SENTANCE-Adrenalin/26 VENOM P STINGER-Venom P Stinger/27 VICIOUS CIRCLE-The Jokers Palace/28 HARD CORPUSCLES-Ronald Is/29 EXTREMES-America/30 MENTAL HEALTH-Always the Same/31 NO CONTROL-CIA/32 BE KIND TO BEAVERS-Stop the City/33 CRUCIFIED TRUTH-Make a Stand/34 PSYCHOTIC MANIACS-Meat/35 PERMANENT DAMAGE-Where I Stand


  1. PART 1

  2. PART 2