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Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Monkees Greatest Hits

Oh, shut up......although they are not to be taken seriously, of course, this music is still quite listenable
some 40 years later, they were "product" of course, but the joke was actually on us....they occasionaly got some quite good material, and these were some of the better mid-rocking singles of the mid 1960's......obviously this is not to be taken seriously, but who the hell takes the music we listen to seriously anyway?......Hell, there's some decent shit on here, "Stepping Stone", "Pleasnat Valley Sunday", and the trippy "Porpoise Song"......hey, download it if ya want, or don't, makes me no diff, I am going to bed I've said many times, all about the variety, NWA one day and the Monkees the next? Hey, at least I TRY, right?

01 (Theme From) the Monkees/02 Last Train To Clarksville/03 I Wanna Be Free/04 I'm a Believer/05 (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone/06 Mary Mary/07 A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You/08 The Girl I Knew Somewhere/09 Randy Scouse Git/10 Pleasant Valley Sunday/11 Words/12 Daydream Believer/13 Goin' Down/14 Valleri/15 DW Washburn/16 It's Nice To Be With You/17 Porpoise Song/18 Listen to the bnad/19 That Was Then, This Is Now/20 Heart and Soul



  2. thanks,very glad to have this and file it next to the monks

  3. Thanks.there is some great songs on this.i think people should open there ears more because there is alot of great music out there to discover.