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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Without question I DO bring variety to the table.......I know that there are other bloggers who dislike
me (they have made it quite clear, and I will not argue their reasoning), but I think I accomplish what I intend to and that is to present a VARIETY of music, some of which you may be familiar with, some not, this is why I bring so many guest bloggers on board, and invite so many unknown bar bands to showcase theirs stuff here.....I really COULD GIVE THREE SHITS LESS what other "big time" bloggers think of me or this site, frankly, it is meaningless and the fact that they dislike me so much at least shows that they acknowledge I exist, unlike my feelings about them.......why people who SHOULD BE on the same team act like arch enemies is a mystery to me and always will be, but you can never figure people.

Okay....I always loved punk....always loved that THREATENS your grandmother, makes your neighbor lady AFRAID......sorry, but THAT is what I the 1980's (late) rock wasn't so much about that (with a few exceptions) which, I think, is why so many of the caucasian persuasion got into the gangsta rap scene for a while......I've featured Public Enemy here before, who were ANYTHING BUT a gansta-rap act, they were an intelligent, threatening, scary, and sonically incredible act, and their albums were classic......

No, when we talk about "gangsta rap", the penultimate was NWA (Niggaz Wit' Attitude), who self destructed almost immediately, but for a VERY short while were as scary as a switchblade clicking behind you in a dark alley.....

"Straight Outta Compton" is, in my opinion, THE finest gangsta-rap album ever, likely the finest rap album ever as well, save perhaps some of the Public Enemy stuff that I like....."Compton" was a REAL look at the seedy, scary, underbelly of gangsta life, it was FUCKING REAL, and I loved that album (1989 I think) and still play it quite often.

NWA were DJ's Ice Cube, MC Ren, EZ-E, Dr Dre, and DJ Yella Boy, all of whom took different paths in life (of course, EZ-E is no loger with us)....but that album, MAN.....the title track "Crazy Motherfucker named Ice Cube, from the gang, Niggaz Wit Attitude") was incredible, followed by the legendary "Fuck Tha Police", which couldn't be more explanatory, and my fave "Gangsta Gangsta" which outlines gangsta life about as well as ANY musical snippet could.....I'll spare you a lot of the lyrics (they are genius), but those three tracks alone would make this a classic. And yet, there is more...."Parental Discretion"," #8 Ball Remix", and "Dopeman" are all great as well, and the album as a whole works to perfection.....I am no fan of hip hop/rap, as a rule, but this is a pure 5 star album, no question.

Unfortunately it was the only one they had in them......the follow up "Niggaz4Life" felt rushed, forced, and commercial, I don't care for it, but it is here for your observation should you wish to ,investigate.....we also have "NWA and the Posse", which I feel pretty much the same way about, it just (to me) flat out lacks the menace of that classic first disc......decide for yourself.....

Like many great bands, say, Nirvana, The New York Dolls, and so many more, internal problems, drugs, death, whatever, would render this band to a short life span......they had one STELLAR album in them, and it is here, and they had a boat-load of talent, as one can easilly ascertain from, say the later works of Dr. Dre or Ice Cube........they could have been a lot more than they were, but that just wouldn't have seemed true to the game, in my opinion.......that first album was the REAL DEAL, still is, and why not see if you agree, EVEN IF you, like me, are not a huge fan of this type of music.

STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON-01 Straight Outta Compton/02 Fuck the Police/03 Gangsta Gangsta/04 It Ain't Ruff/05 Parental Discretion Iz Advized/06 #8 Ball (remix)/07 Something Like That/08 Express Yourself/09 Compton's N The House (remix)/10 I Ain't the 1/11 Dopeman (remix)/12 Quiet on the Set/13 Something 2 Dance 2

NIGGAZ4LIFE-01 Prelude/02 Real Niggaz Don't Die/03 Niggaz 4 Life/04 Protest/05 Appetite For
Destruction/06 Don't Drink That Wine/07 Always Into Somethin'/08 Message To BA/09 Real Niggaz/10 Kill a Hooker/11 One Less Bitch/12 Findum, Fuckum, and Flee/13 Automobile/14 She Swallowed It/15 I'd Rather Fuck You/16 Approach to Danger/17 1-900-2 Compton/18 The Day of Wayback

NWA AND THE POSSE-01 Boyz N The Hood/02 8 Ball/03 Dunk the Funk/04 Bitch is a Bitch/05 Drink It Up/06 Panic Zone/07 LA Is the Place/08 Dope Man/09 Tuffest Man Alive/10 Fat Girl/11 The Hard Way

Hey, at least I TRY to bring a variety........if this brings something new to your listening life, please leave a comment......not fishing for "thank you's", just really like to know people's opinions of the stuff I post.


  1. 4 LIFE


  3. POSSE

  4. I was just revisiting GTA San Andreas on the PS2 this week which really got my tastes up for good ol' 90s hip-hop. Perfect!

  5. I can't remember how I heard of this as it was in the days prior to the internet but this dude edited SOC to create the Explicit Content Only version - just the swearing, all 3:15 seconds of it.

    For your listening pleasure:

  6. Good post Scott. I think a good addition to it would be Eazy-E's solo album that came out right before SOC. Production by Dr Dre and lyrics by Ice Cube, who also claims to have written most of the lyrics for SOC as well. Oh and you missed the 100 Miles and Runnin' EP but perhaps that was intentionally done.