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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Mo-Dettes "The Story So Far"

This was a great 1980's new-wave/chick band, really did like their stuff for a while, this is a killer album that
you will want to hear/have, with the classic "Masochistic Opposites" and "White Mice Disco", and more, this is a forgotten 1980's masterpiece that NEVER fails to put a smile on this face when it hits the turntable.....the Mo-Dettes, I THINK, released but this one album, they consisted of guitarist Kate Kouris, bassist Jane Crockford, singer Ramona Carilier, drummer June Miles-Kingston, and guitarist Melissa Ritter.....give this forgotten classic a listen, it is simply a great release, buried under the three decades (!) that have passed since I bought it!

THE STORY SO FAR-01 Fandango/02 Satisfy/03 Dark Park Creeping/04 Kray Twins/05 Paint It Black/06 White Mouse Disco/07 Bedtime Stories/08 Masochistic Opposites/09 Foolish Girl/10 Norman (He's No Rebel)/11 Sparrow/12 Milord


  1. Hi Scott,

    Four Mo-Dettes singles were also released and make up the bonus tracks on the 2008 Re-Issue of The Story So Far...

    But that's no fun, so here are the four singles with cover scans

    White Mice/Masochistic Opposite
    Paint It Black/Bitta Truth
    Dark Park Creeping/Two Can Play
    Tonight/Waltz In Blue Minor

  2. The bass player was married to the drummer Woody in Madness fact fans, and also wrote White Mice

  3. Hi, dont know if the blog warns you if somebody post something in older posts, but I[m wrtiting anyway. I found mommy and daddy on you tube, but apart of that there is nowhere else I could find them, 4shared, torrent, really nowhere, and to find your blog was like water in the desert. BUt, as I thought, the links to their albums are not on the air anymore, because they were mediafire. I dont know if you noticed that. You must have the material still. Could you post Mommy and Daddy stuff again. please? Marcio here

    1. Mauricio-please review my policy regarding the reup of dead links, it can be found easily elsewhere on the blog, thanks