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Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Future- a fantastic singles collection

Released sometime in the early 1980's on the late, great No Future label, we have the awesome "No
Future" collection, 27 tracks of classic greatness from that bygone era......if you are a fan of early 80's punk, forget about my commentary, just push the "download" button if you don't already have this one, it's a no-doubt classic.......featuring such greats as Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Blitz, The Violators, Red Alert, and more.....not gonna talk this one up too much, just gonna tell ya, if you are a fan of this stuff and this is not on your shelf, your shelf is lacking!

01 BLITZ- Someone’s Gonna Die /02  THE PARTISANS - Police Story / 03 BLITZKRIEG- The Future Must Be Ours / 04 PETER AND THE TEST BABIES - Banned From The Pubs /05  RED ALERT -In Britain /06 BLITZ - Never Surrender /07 ATTAK - Today’s Generation /08  BLITZKRIEG -Lest We Forget /09  THE VIOLATORS- Gangland /10 THE INSANE El - Salvador / 11 CHANNEL 3 - I’ve Got A Gun /12 THE PARTISANS - 17 Years Of Hell /13  RED ALERT - Take No Prisoners /14 THE SAMPLES- Dead Hero /15 PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES - Run Like Hell /16  BLITZ- Warriors /17 ATTAK - Murder In The Subway /18  CRUX- Keep On Running / 19 THE VIOLATORS - Summer Of ‘81 /20  RED ALERT - City Invasion /21  THE WALL - Day Tripper /22  THE BLOOD -Meglomania /23  A/B/H/ - Wanna Riot /24  ROSE OF VICTORY- Sufragette City /25  SCREAMING DEAD - Night Creatures /26  THE VIOLATORS- Die With Dignity /27  RED ALERT -There’s A Guitar Burning 

Just trying to get Cliff and Brian's latest GREAT guest contributions organized, so I thought I'd throw this up in the meantime.......bummed about Ohio State but my Final Four (Kentucky/Duke/Virginia/Arizona) are all still alive, so at least THAT is something (I LOVE the NCAA tourney, even though I'm not  a huge college hoops fan)



  2. At least you guys make the tournament - our coach at Nebraska got so pissed at his team's lack of effort that they were locked out of the lounge and locker room for several days. We suck!

  3. Thanks for this Scott, always was a big fan of No Future Records and I've got three of their best for you here.

    The Partisans - Best Of The Partisans (@ 128)
    (apologies for the piss poor bit rate but I've never found a decent copy)

    The Violators - The No Future Years (@ 320)

    Blitz - Voice Of A Generation (@ 320)

    I'm just uploading a vinyl rip of Blitz's second album Second Empire Justice in FLAC and four 7" singles that I'll post links to later

    1. Thanks for additional No Future tracks. I was able to find Best of The Partisans @ 320 on a different site with a quick google search.

  4. Three 7" 45rpm single rips from the Second Empire Justice album and a limited edition 33rpm red vinyl 7" EP re-issue of Warriors.

    Telecommunication 7" (@ 320)
    New Age 7" (@ 320)
    Solar 7" (@ 320)
    Warriors 7" EP (@ 320)

  5. Blitz's second album Second Empire Justice is a long way away from their opening salvo of Oi! Punk. This is a distinct change of course into the realms of New Wave/SynthPop with Post Punk most definitely in the Post. Recorded at Stockport's iconic Strawberry Studios with in-house engineer Chris Nagle assuming production duties (Nagle cut his teeth working alongside Martin Hannett - see Joy Division Unknown Pleasures). Given the factoryesque sleeve design, any assumptions that Blitz wanted a particular Mancunian aura to the album are just that. When you listen to the record, you may likely assume the same. Nagle's production style certainly echoes that of his mentor as Second Empire Justice is much cleaner sounding with layered atmospherics adding depth, but still with a good few delayed snares thrown in for good measure. You will notice (and probably love) how robust the bass guitar is in the mix - just imagine a cross between JJ Burnel and Peter Hook cranked up really loud. Tracks like Underground, White Man and Skin are bass hungry monsters, Acolyte and Flowers & Fire lean more to new-wave. Into The Daylight and Telecommunication delve into classic eighties goth-synth territory. Readers will not be surprised to know that Blitz's original Oi! Punk following hated it.

    Ripped from a vinyl album released on Future Records (FL 1) in 1983 to high quality lossless flac audio.
    A1 Flowers & Fire
    A2 Underground
    A3 Acolyte
    A4 Into The Daylight
    A5 Telecommunication
    B1 White Man
    B2 For You
    B3 Skin
    B4 H.M.K. Grey

  6. Cheers BigScott62! Looking forward to giving this a whirl

  7. That Second Empire Justice record is the nuts - love it.
    Never heard of Blitz before visiting here. Thanks loads. White Man!