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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Chokin' on the Stranglers

This Stranglers thing has really exploded....   so much wonderful guest submission material, and even now we have a bit more. First of all, my old buddy Petty Vandetta sends us a rare gem, the "Fire and Water" outtakes disc.... I never new it existed, but what a wonderful rarity for all the Stranglers fanatics.....

Also, a new friend of the Blog, Duncan Broohaw, submits a video link of the Stranglers performing "Nice N Sleazy" complete with strippers on stage.... if you love the Stranglers, as so many seem to, this is a wonderful rare gem you will want to experience....

By the way I've really enjoyed posting this weekend after such sporadic posting.......I will try to do better, keep the guest stuff coming, even if this becomes an all Stranglers you all, as always!


  1. thanks for the lovin' Scott! Glad to be able to contribute.

  2. Found the stripper show on a DVD😃 amazing show!