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Friday, September 4, 2015

Long Labor Day weekend,and I OWE you guys some stuff, I guess......

Well, I guess we've lost Brain, at least for now, I have invited him to become a regular guest contributor ala Cliff or jonder or whomever, we'l see if he takes us up on that. While I am at it, ANYONE wishing to be a guest contributor is welcome, this could be YOU..... anyway, over this 4-day weekend, I plan on putting up at least a few discs for y'all.... and the place I guess I need to start is wrapping up the Stranglers thing..... Now, understand this, the Stranglers thing as a whole has been one of my post popular "mega-Projects", understandable, they were great and had a very devoted following...... some of the guest contributions on the topic have been off thte charts..... I do still have a few left, which are solo efforts from Stranglers members..... mind you I haven't listened to these an awful lot, and it's been a long, long time, but to COMPLETE the Stranglers picture, I think it's a good idea to present these as well..... ommentary will be kept to a minimum as I really DON'T recall much about these albums, but, I hope you enjoy them.

OK, lets start with Jean-Jacques Burnell, the Stranglers' bassist and resident creep; I have three solo albums and if I recall, they are quite enjoyable.... I know he had a few more, but what I havae for you is "Euroman Cometh", "Euroman Cometh (Live)" and "Un Jour Parfait"..... let me know what you think, would you please?

EUROMAN COMETH-01Euroman/02 Jellyfish/03 Freddie Laker/04 Euromess/05 Duetshland Nicht Uber Alles/06 Do the European/07 Tout Comprende/08 Triumph (of the Good City)/09 Pretty Face/10 Crabs/11 Eurospeed (Your Own Speed)

EUROMAN COMETH  (LIVE)-12 Ode To Joy/Do the European/13 Deutschland Nicht Uber Alles/14 Eurospeed/15 Crabs/16 Tout Comprende/17 Freddie Laker/18 Jellyfish/19 Triumph of the Good City/20 Euroman

UN JOUR PARFAIT-01 Un Jour Parfait Theme/02 Si Je'tais/03 Weekend/04 Tristeville Se Soir/05 Un Jour Parfait/06 Via Dolarosa//07 Le Whiskey /08 Crazy (She Drives Me)/09 Garden of Eden/10 Reves/11 Waltz/12 Via Doloarosa (Spanish)/13 Le Whiskey (Dance Mix)/14 Elle Assure/15 Reve (12 Mix)/16 Les Mensouges Et Les Lames

I think if you give these a try you may find some unknown (to you) gems hidden here..... Burnell has a good bit of talent. Links in the comment section.

Next we have a colaboration between JJ Burnell and Dave Greenfield, entitled "Fire and Water".... didn't really recall it, listened and it's really pretty damn good,give it a spin.....

FIRE AND WATER-01 Liberation/02 Rain and Dole and Tea/03 Vladamir and Sergi/04 Le Soir/05 Trois Pedophiles/06 Dino Rap/07 Nuclear Power (yes Please)/08 Detective Privee/Consequences

Check it out..... next post will be a shitload of Hugh Cornwell stuff, and a couple more surprises to wrap up this Stranglers EXTRAVAGANZA!






  2. i had euroman........not the others! very cool. brian i wish you a long happy weekend. you can take anything from my blog and post it that you like, i don't post much music, hence i have little traffic. but take what you like.

  3. Brian got ducked as happens to those who wish only to share the things they love.....I have invited him to do a weekly or so guest post on my blog....I hope he takes me up on it when the dust settles....he's a great writer and has a wealth of great stuff to share.

    1. Any interest in the Fire & Water Outtakes disc?

    2. here:

  4. euroman cometh is a great album.
    I am looking forward to listen to fire and water (very hard to find)
    thanks a lot