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Sunday, September 6, 2015

We got a bit more Stranglers-related stuff

Forgot about the Purple Helmets, which an Anonymous reader sent me a link for, actually I already had a couple of em..... A Stranglers side-project, The Purple Helmets is an ad hoc band, playing 1960's R and B numbers. The recording line-up was: Jean-Jacques Burnel, Dave Greenfield, John Ellis, Alex Gifford (a member of the Stranglers horn-section) and Manny Elias (drummer with Tears For Fears). The band was ostensibly put together (from an earlier incarnation) so that JJ and Dave could do some gigging between Stranglers projects. There MAY be more out there, but what I have are these two albums, "Ride Again" (1988) and "Rise Again" (1989).... for my dough "Ride" is the better effort, as we get fab covers of SO many great songs, "Over Under Sideways Down", "Tobacco Road", "Wooly Bully"...... not just carbon-cover copies either, reminds me of Bowie's "Pinups" project to a point. "Rise" is good too, though it suffers from a bit lesser of selection, highlights being maybe "Rosalyn", "She's Not There", "Oh Pretty Woman" and at least a few more.... track lists if you're interested:

RIDE AGAIN-01 Wooly Bully/02 Over Under Sideways Down/03 Don't Bring Me Down/04 We Gotta Get Out of This Place/05 Baby Please Don't Go/06 I Can't Explain/07 Whatcha Gonna Do About it/08 Keep On Running/09 All Day and All of the Night/10 Louie Louie/11 Tobacco Road/12 I Wanna Be Your Man/13 Hip Hug Her/14 Not Fade Away/15 I'm a Man

RISE AGAIN-01 Brand New Cadillac/02 I'm Crying/03 Rosalyn/04 She's Not There/05 First I Look at the Purse/06 Get Yourself Home/07 Oh Pretty Woman/08 homework/09 Don't You Like What I Do/10 Money/11 Under the Sun/12 baby Let Me Take You Home/13 Sha La Lee/14 baby/15 Everything's Alright.

Old friend Dave Sez submits a retrospective of JJ Burnel's work, a handy compilation of his solo albums and etc.... I hope I got the right one here, looks like a double disc......

DISC 1-01. Jellyfish/02. Never Too Look Back/03. Skin Deep/04. By The Sea/05. Garden Of Eden
/06. Dagenham Dave/07. European Female/08. Coup De Grace

DISC 2-01. Un Jour Parfait/02. Don’t Bring Harry/03. Norfolk Coast/04. Where I Live/05. Frog Crossing Road/06. Talking ‘Bout Me And You/07. In The End/08. The Kiss/09. Go Buddy Go/10. Something Better Change/11. Fred And George/12. Quark Strangeness And Charm/13. Big Thing Coming


  1. RIDE-




  2. hee hee hee cannot BELIEVE JJ on an acoustic set - the madman who knocked out fans foolish enough to mount the stage during shows (with karate/savate kicks no less) doing ACOUSTIC? I have to hear this one. Too bad no cover of "Crabs." Thank you kindly Scott and Anon.... also for the helmets, I have not yet heard "Ride" but have "Rise" ....