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Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Hey, I'm gonna do my best to get you guys some different stuff on at least a semi-regular basis.......I'll maybe mix in a couple of "mini-posts" like this with some of my "mega posts" (The Stranglers, The Dickies, and Yo La  Tengo of late were quite successful as far as reader interest, next up? I don't know, possibly Siouxsie and thte Banshees, or even maybe the long anticipated (by me) Roxy Music (mu favorite band of them all) post............anyway, every band was not a giant......some just turned out a decent album or two, and I'm here for that as well.........

Tonight I have a pretty cool 1980's new wave/synthpop album that I enjoyed a bit at the time (albeit not my very favorite genre) from the band Spoons. Spoons were from Canada, I think this may have been album #2 for them, it's the only one I have or have heard........VERY typical of the era, those swirling synths and all, but all in all a fairly decent effort.

Spoons were vocalist/guitarist Gordon Deppe, bassist/vocalist Sandy Horne, synth-whiz Rob Preuss, and drummer Derrick Ross.........this album, 1982's "Arias and Symphonies" is NOT a "classsic", so to speak, but for someone who was 20 yearas old in 1982, hearing this LONG forgotten album generally can put a smile on one's now-50 something year old's face............

The best and most well known track on the disc is the single "Nova Heart", but, really, the whole thing is worth a listen as a time-trip experience.........if you were in college in the early 80's, you likely heard this disc, but perhaps the memory banks have erased it...........check it out and remember the early years of Reganomics.......

I'm gonna try to get up a few more posts like this, single album kinda stuff, between the mega-stuff.......and of course am always grateful as fuck for ANY guest submissions.......remember, the Big man LOVES you all, YOU are whom this being done for........I have LOTS more music to share with you, please at least leave a comment and say "This sucks", or "WOW forgot all abaout this one"........that's why we are here.

BigScott62 loves ya and hopefully will find time to post something tomorrow! Requests always welcome too!

01-Trade Winds/02 Smiling In Winter/03 One In Ten Words/04 No Electrons/05 No More Growing Up/06 Arias & Symphonies/07 Nova Heart/08 South American Vacation/09 A Girl In Two Pieces/10 Walk the Plank/11 Blow Away

Honest to God a pretty fair album for one I hadn't thought about in likely 25 years or so.....I like to do that though, dig out the material that I have FORGOTTEN and see what it sounds like to ADULT ears, relative to how it sounded to me as a "child"......lyrically, pretty smooth, and instrumentally a pretty near perfect typical slice of the stuff that was going around in the early 80's......lemme know what it does for ya, K?



    1. thanks big scott, i'm 40, so you've got ten years on me. Never heard of spoons, but i'm building up a Canadian collection. Looking forward to more 'hidden gems'. Too cool for school, man!

  2. Replies
    1. Noted, I said my favorite of ALL's just that I havea SO MUCH material that it will be a hard one to do........gotta figure out how to do it, it'll likely take 2-3 weeks, posting daily......and I love Roxy, so I want to do them justice, it'll happen sometime, but MAYBE not until winter when I can dedicate a bit more time to the project.

  3. They had the synth sound down pat....just didn't have a standout song to push the band over the top.

    Thanks for posting! I enjoy diving into an album from a particular era and hearing it now, with 30+ further years of music listening behind me.