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Friday, September 4, 2015

Let's See If we Can Wrap-Up the Stranglers

It's been fun and it's been very popular, but I am JUST ABOUT out of material.... don't worry I'll get to some other stuff soon, what I have left here is a series of albums that I don't REALLY recall that much about, Hugh Cornwell's solo efforts..... been forever since I've heard em, BUT, if you are a true Stranglers fanatic, perhaps you will enjoy these or not.... just trying to go all out in the name of completeness....... here are his albums, chronologically......

1979 NOSFERATU-01 Nosferatu/02 Losers In a Lost Land/03 White Room/04 Irate Caterpillar/05 Rhythmic Itch/06 Wired/07 Big Bug/08 Mothra/09 Wrong Way Round/10 Puppets/11 Losers in a Lost Land (instro)

1988 WOLF-01 Another Kind of Love/02 Cherry Rare/03 Never Never/04 Real Slow/05 Break of Dawn/06 Club Land/07 Dreaming Again/08 Decadence/09 All the Tea In China/10 Getting Involved

1993 WIRED-01 Ain't It Strange/02 Make It With You/03 My Kind of Loving/04 Wasted Tears/05 Story of He and She/06 Ain't It Strange/07 Stop/08 Mr Insignificant/09 Turn Your Body Down/10 First Bus To Babylon

1997 GUILTY-01 One Burning Desire/02 Snapper/03 Nerves of Steel/04 Black Eyes, Black hair, Black Suit/ 05 Hot Head/06 Endless Day Endless Night/07Five Miles High/08 Sravendrabellagola/09 Long  Dead Train/10 Torture Garden/11 House of Sorrow

1999 BLACK HAIR, BLACK EYES,  BLACK SUIT-01 One Burning Desire/02 Snapper/03 Nerves of Steel/04 Jesus Will Weep/05 Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit/06 Hot Head/07 Endless Day Endless Night/08 Not Hungry Enough/09 Sravendrabellagola/10 Long Dead Train/11 House of Sorrow

2001 HI-FI-01 Leave Me Alone/02 Gingerbread Girl/03 One
Day at a Time/04 All Colours of the Rainbow/05 Putting You In the Shade/06 The Big Sleep/07 Mis TeezyWeezy/08 Dark Side of the Room/09 Lay Back On Me Pal/10 Gingerbread Girl/11 The Prison's Going Down/12 Golden Brown (Live)/13 Always the Sun (Live)

2002 FOOTPRINTS IN THE DESERT-01 If You Wanted To/02 Everybody/03 I Can't handle It/04 Fresh Air/05 One Fine Thing/06 Lady In Mind/07 So  Sexual/08 Touch Touch/09 Venus In Furs/10 For What It's Worth/11 Keep It Under Your Hat/12 Coming of Age/13 Sex Bomb/14  2000 Lights

2006 Dirty Dozen Live-01 Duchess/02 First Bus To Babylon/03 Goodbye Tolouse/04 Picked Up By The Wind/05 Hanging Around/06 Black Hair Black Eyes Black Suit/07 Always the Sun/08 Nerves of Steel/09 Nuclear Device/10 Putting You In the Shade/11 Walk on By/12 No More Heroes

2008 HOOVERDAM-01 Please Don't Put Me On a Slow Boat to Talbridge/02 Going to the City/03 Delightful Nightmare/04 Within You Without You/05 Rain on the River/06 Beat of My Heart/07 Philip K Ridiculous/08 The Pleasure of Your Company/09 Wrong Side of the  Tracks/10 Banging On the Same Old Beat







    HI FI




  2. More Burnel for you:

    Burnel and Greenfield's cover band, active 1986-89, also did "Ride Again" (1988).


    "... a walk through JJ's entire career in music to date, with good representation of music from the solo albums 'Euroman Cometh' and 'Un Jour Parfait' and the Stranglers of course."

    Cheers, Dave Sez.