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Sunday, September 6, 2015

How Bout yet another for today

I haven't done any heavy psych rock from the early 70's since forever, and as you know I have a super-soft spot for it..... I know my posting has been irregular, to say the least, of late, but I'm kicking out the jams this weekend so you know Uncle Scott will remain with you until they bury him........ just checked and I don't think I've posted this album before, "The Flow's Greatest Hits"...... and if I have, so what, it's a total piece of guitar freakout psychosis that I could listen to all day long.

The Flow were Pete Fine on guitar/voice, Steve Starer on drums, and Monte Farber on bass/voice....... Blue Cheer inspired all the way ( a GOOD/GREAT thing!), this slab will blow your fucking mind. The opener "It Swallowed the Sun" is the highlight for me, but the whole damn thing is beyond awesome........... you know I strive for variety and I've been in a small Stranglers/Guest Post rut due to becoming a career man again, but I pledge to ALSO start putting up more great shit like this, coz EVERYBODY needs to have a listen at this!

01. It swallowed the sun /02. Searchin /03. Funny funkin woman /04. Mediations /05. Toccata 06. Bijinkes /07. Mousely /08. Troubadour between sets /09. Third movement /10. Get up & smile /11. Sunday night randoms /12. I saw a dog /13. Insanity creeping /14. Things we said today /15. Baghdad express
/16. Wynds



  2. oh no, the flow is no go boo hoo what to do but ... cry, cry, cry, oh why, why, why...