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Saturday, September 12, 2015


Not to be confused with the awful "Ramjam", these are a pair of semi-forgotten classics of hard rock
from the late, great, early 70's that you know I love so much.......somewhat unique for employing female lead guitarist April Lawton, as well as Mike Pinera on guitars/vocals, and former Hendrix-Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell.......they released a pair of albums, the first, "Ramatam" in 1972, and the followup, "In April Came the Dawning of the Red Suns" during the production of which the band was fighting and quitting and etc, do not be confused, the FIRST album is the on you want (although I DO happen to have em both).......

The first disc, if you are not familiar, you will find to be an unknown gem (IF you are a fan of this type of thing as am I)'s loaded with great stuff like "Whiskey Place", "Ask Brother Ask", and "Can't Sit Still", I love posting these lesser known hard/psych albums of the early 70's, they were so far ahead of thier time and sound WONDERFUL today........

Second album, though, not so great.......I'll give it to ya since I have it, but if album one is a 3.5 star effort, album 2 cannot possibly top 2 stars.......evidently Lawton was trying to take over the group, and the others were none to excited about this, etc........anyway, the second album sounds strained and forced, although, you may find something on it that appeals to you......"Rhinocerous" and "Bounty on my Table" are listenable, though far from essential.

Anyway, enjoy.......the first    abum is must hear material for fans of this stuff, the second, at least, is a listenable rarity.........have at it, and remember that BigScott is doing he best to keep you supplied with a steady stream of vintage rock n roll.......

RAMATAM-01 Whiskey Place/02 Heart Song/03 Ask Brother Ask/04 What Dream I Am/05 Wayso/06 Changing Days/07 Strange Place/08 Wild Like Wine/09 Can't Sit Still

IN APRIL CAME THE DAWNING OF THE RED SUNS-01 The Land/Rainey Sunday Evening/02
Betty Lou/03 I  Can Only Love You/04 Excerpt From Guitar Concerto I/05 Autumn Now/06 Stars and Stripes Forever/07 Bounty on my Table/08 Downrange Table/09 Free Fall/10 Push a Little/11 Rhinocerous

Let me know what you think about these, they don't pop up every know I love my early 70' s hard stuff, and at lest the first album here is a GOOD one!


  1. 1st album

  2. April

  3. Big Scott-I LOVE the 1st Ramatam LP! Thanks so much for the post. Really, this kicked my ass as a kid and I am so happy to find it again! Thanks brother and keep up the great blog!

  4. Looks very interesting - thanks for sharing these.

  5. Looks very interesting - thanks for sharing these.

  6. Great Scott ! (or is that Big Scott) what a post - thanks for album #2

  7. Onward and upward ever learning, there's always something "new" & unexpected around the music corner. Vive la musica!