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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Marvelous 3

So, the Vikings DIDN'T embarass me as Ohio State did yesterday (but, thanks, Adrian Peterson, for the three fumbles), so I'm not going to drag out something as bizarre as Iron Butterfly, what I was thinking of today is more along the lines of a LONG forgotten sort of post-grunge/post-pop/punk kinda thing.......Marvelous 3, from Atlanta, relesed three albums, of which I have heard only this one, the second, "Hey! Album"........they consisted of guitarist/singer Butch Walker, bassist Jayce Fincher, and drummer Doug Mitchell.

Having said that I know NOTHING of thier other two discs (1997's "Math and Other Problems" and 2000's "ReadySexGo"), this (thier best known, if those are the words for which I am looking) is from that great year of 1998......and it's REALLY pretty good, power-popping alt-rock I guess, it had a fine single, "Freak of the Week", and a couple of other decent tunes, ("Indie Queen", "You're So Yesterday"). As a bonus, "You're So Yesterday" contains one of those all-time stupid lyrics that I love so much, "I feel like Bobby Brady breaking the vase"........hey dickweeds, PETER braday broke the fucking vase........for God's sake do your homework.

Anyway, not TOO many folks recall this bad or this album, and it is worth a listen, kind of a rarity sorta thing......I'll try to post once or twice during the upcoming week, and Brian is creating a TREMENDOUS surprise for you (trust me) for next sure and check because it's gonna be a real fish-scaler, I promise.

HEY! ALBUM-01 You're So Yesterday/02 Freak of the Week/03 Until You See/04 Write It On your Hand/05 Let Me Go/06 Every Monday/07 Indie Queen/08 #27/09 Mrs Jackson/10 Over Your Head/11 Vampires In Love/12 Lemonade



  2. The Marvelous 3 evolved from an even longer-forgotten metal band called Southgang, and led to Butch Walker's transformation to a bigtime producer and songwriter for Avril Lavigne, Pink and others (Lindsay Lohan's album, anyone?). Butch is now a solo artist with a new album out this year. "Freak of the Week" is a power pop classic with a killer chorus!

  3. You should really give "Ready,Sex, Go" a listen. Hey! to the power of Umph!

    1. So why not share it here if u have it? Sounds like aplan, no?

  4. marquis de sade dantzig twist......!cVhQXLIC!B-6viHAJpxgU_Goz4UwsutsJ5J-5Qff5Y0Y_rYarDzw

  5. Hey Scott, how about re-uping any and all Marvelous 3 and stuff by Butch Walker?