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Monday, June 23, 2014

Black Mountain

From Vancouver BC comes this criminally under-appreciated psych/stoner outfit.... guitarist/vocalist Stephen McBean, vocalist Amber Webber, bassist Brad Truax, keyboardist Jeremy Schmidt, and drummer/keyboardist Josh Wells turn out a good blend of hard guitar riffs and swirling keyboards that remind me a bit of a modern-day Hawkwind.....

The debut (self titled) from 2005 was one of that year's very best, some highlights include Webber's haunting vocal portion in "Heart of Snow", and especially the stunning rocker "Don't Run Our Hearts Around", but actually the album is a fine, 4-star effort that any hard rock/stoner fan is likely to enjoy.

2008's "In the Future" is as good or better, highlighted by the 17-minute "Bright Lights" an epic and unique opus with fine shared male/female vocals, reminding me, really, of nothing much I've ever heard, which is always one of the best things I can think of to say.......also, to me, an essential album.

Making it three for three on excellent releases is 2010's "Wilderness Heart", highlighted by some excellent keyboard work and the thrashing rocker "Let Spirits Ride".... I think it was the top release of 2010, not  that people do or should take my opinion into account.

They've released a few EP's I seem to have but one of them, 2005's "Druganaut", with a cool extended version of the title track (which apeared in normal length on album #1) and a few other worthwhile tracks......

This band has released a fine volume work, all worthwhile in my estimation... very original and hard rocking, anyone having any live boots or their other EP's please let me know.... and leave a comment, as I said earlier this, I think is one of THE great underappreciated acts of our time.

BLACK MOUNTAIN-01 Modern Music/02 Don't Run Our Hearts Around/03 Druganaut/04 No
Satisfaction/05 Set Us Free/06 No Hits/07 Heart of Snow/08 Faulty Times

IN THE FUTURE-01 Stormy High/02 Angels/03 Tyrants/04 Wucan/05 Stay Free/06 Queens Will Play/07 Evil Ways/08 Wild Wind/09 Bright Lights/10 Night Walks

WILDERNESS HEART-01 The Hair Song/02 Old Fangs/03 Radiant Hearts/04 Rollercoaster/05 Let Spirits Ride/06 Buried By the Blues/07 The Way to Gone/08 Wilderness Heart/09 The Space of Your Mind/10 Sadie

DRUGANAUT (EP)-01 Druganaut (extended)/02 Buffalo Swan/03 Bicycle Man/04 No Satisfaction (Campfire Version)

See what ya think, pretty damn good stuff IMO.






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