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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels

Say it with me: "Va-Ri-E-Ty"'s ALL rock n roll,
 but to my ears it is all nearly as intersting, and
if I want to put the Mothers of Invention/Televsion/Zerocharisma/and Mitch Ryder up on consecutive days, that would simply be a reflection of the mood I happen to be in that particular moment.

Hell, me, always loved me some Mitch Ryder, a real wild man on stage (never saw him, relying on video only), influenced somewhat, I'd say, by James Brown, and something, maybe, as a precursor to Prince.......Hell I don't know......hard rocking blue-eyed white soul from Detroit Michigan counts for SOMETHING. Seemingly, they were under-appreciated in the heyday, and seem to be not as well remembered NOW as they might deserve to be, hopefully I can change that just a smidge.

OK, this is all I have this single disc, doesn't REALLY seem to matter, this stuff is super-high-octane R&B, ahead of it's time in the intensity of the performances.....Likely you know "Jenny Take a Ride", Little Latin Lupe Lu", "Devil With a Blue Dress ON", and maybe "Sock It To Me Baby", all phenominal pieces of frantic blue-eyede soul, but there are a total of twenty tracks here, EVERY ONE worth your time......"Shakin WIth Linda", "Longneck Goose", "Shake a Tailfeather".....I can go on and on, but what is the point. If you love primative rock/soul, look no further. If you're already a fan of Ryder's work, this is (IMO) the best collection (albiet no really rare tracks) always, if you ahve something to share here, myself and the REST of the blogosphere will be more than thrilled to death with you. This IS rock n two ways about THAT!

REV UP-Jenny Take a Ride/02 Little Latin Lupe Lu/03 Shakin WIth Linda/04 I Like It Like That/05
I had It Made/06 Break-out/07 Shake a Tail-Feather/08 Just a Little Bit/09 Takin All I Can Get/10 You Get Your Kicks/11 Sticks and Stones/12 Baby Jane (Mo-Mo Jane)/13 Joy/14 Devil WIth a blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly/15 Sock It To Me Baby/16 Too Many Fish In the Sea/Three Little Fishes/17 I'd Rather Go To Jail/18 Liberty/19 Longneck Goose/20 Rock N Roll

Know what I'd REALLY like? for some of the kiddies to tell me what they think about this! It's smart, seminal, influential, and highly listenable (that being the main point).....come on you under-30 pups, let's ALL share opinions, that makes it ALL GO ROUND! Also, old timers like me, would love any live material/rarities you may have in the vault!



  2. I'm no pup, but I really like this great old time rock'n'roll. thanks so much.