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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Donnie Iris

Oh, settle down, I'm not recapping THIS douche's whole career (What a waste of time THAT
would  be....the Jaggerz? Wild fucking Cherry? No thanks)....the only artifact I have from this lad is a greatest hits affair, which ALSO isn't THAT great except for one thing.....

I LOVE the single "Ah! Leah" for a few, it is a fantastic single, sounds as fabulous today as it did when it was released (early 90's or so, TRUE "Nuggets of the Future" material).....great fucking tune, heard it today, and it sparked a couple of memories.....

First of all, when it came out, I actually knew a chick named Leah who was lucky enough to get "AH LEAH" as her vanity license plate....there was probably ONE such Leah in each state, and what an honor to actually know the "Ohio one"

Also, I am reminded of one of Creem Magazines greatest reviews ever....I'm gonna try to recreate this, bear with was a comic strip of "Gilligan's Island"....a crate of Donnie Iris albums washes up on the shore. Skipper: "WOW little buddy, Iris used to be in the Jaggerz, so he needs all the help he can get! He's bound to come looking for these albums and we'll be rescued for sure!"....later they hear on the radio "Donnie Iris has had a huge hit with "Ah Leah", looks like tough times are over for him!".....Gilligan: "Think of the bright side, Skipper, maybe a stereo will wash up on shore.."

Maybe ya had to be there but pretty goddamn funny in my book......

BEST OF DONNIE IRIS-01 Ah! Leah/02 I Can't Hear You/03 Agnes/04 Sweet Merilee/05 Love Is Like a Rock/06 That's the Way Love Ought to Be/07 My Girl/08 Tough World/09 This Time it Must Be Love/10 Do You Compute/11 She's So Euopean/12 The Rapper (Live)

Fuck you, "Ah! Leah" is a great fucking for the rest of this, if it's ACTUALLY his "best", well.......


  1. PART 1
    PART 2

  2. Not early 90s. 1980.

  3. Notwithstanding the chronology issue (definitely the 80s -- I recorded "Ah Leah" off the radio on my beatbox!), this is some good and funny writing. And very accurate to the music. "Ah Leah" is fantastic, but from dipping my toe into his LPs back then, most of the rest are at best professional and competent, but without the spark of a great recording.

  4. Jaggoff _ Dawnie is King Cool Bitches...lmao

  5. Ur review blows... He is a living legend in Pittsburgh area and its because of how he treats people and of course his music.. he has a voice that no one can dispute..