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Friday, June 27, 2014


In the newly created genre of "artists whom I think 90% of their shit sucks but thier "Best Of" makes
for an easy post if they had 10% decent comes" (See: Sparks, Donnie Iris) Sweet, who routinely churned out the bubbleglam stuff in the early 1970's.

Sweet were, for the most part, singer Brian Donnelly, bassist Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, an drummer Mick Tucker, which you know if you paid attention to the intro of "Ballroom Blitz"...

"Ballroom Blitz"is a great fucking song, covered by the Buzzcocks among others, and NOT thier only one....."Wig Wam Bam" was covered (in a MUCH better version IMO) by the Donnas, "Blockbuster" is a pretty damn good unknown rocker, "Fox on the Run" was a fine hard rock single, and "Love is Like Oxygen" is at LEAST better than listening to Poison or someone.......formulaic, professional rock n roll singles band, who "hit" probably more than they missed.

So, what's the prob? The prob is "Little Willie", perhaps one of the most nauseating singles of the early 1970's, and THAT, cousin, is saying a mouthful.

Some bands with long careers melt down EASILLY to a single disc......Sweet is the epitome of this in my book...DO NOT overlook this disc, despite my cynicism, the good shit here FAR out-weighs the bad.........opinions,please, espcially from the previously uninitiated, because there is some fine early 70's rocking shit here.

01 Little Willie/02 Wig-Wam Bam/03 Blockbuster/04 The Ballroom Blitz/05 Teenage Rampage/06 The Six Teens/07 Fox On the Run/08 Action/09 The Lies In Your Eyes/10 Lost Angels/11 Fever of Love/12 Stairway to the Stars/13 Love is Like Oxygen/14 California Nights/15 Mother Earth/16 Sixties Man

I've been harsh on them (it's fun) but this is no question a good piece of early 1970's hard glam-rock


  1. PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

  2. Hey Big Scott you've got a great site but your selling the Sweet short........

    The thing about the Sweet is that they were a 'managed' band in their early years whose hits were written by their management team of Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman (who wrote for and managed a number of early 1970's UK pop bands ~ Mud, New World, Suzie Quatro etc) for the first four to five years of their stardom. As you say they started the Sweet off playing bubblegum (you think Little Willy's bad) singles (Funny Funny, Co-Co, Alexander Graham Bell, Little Willy, Poppa Joe) before getting more Glam Rock alongside Bowie, Bolan, Slade, Elton John, Rod Stewart etc with singles such as Wig-Wam.Bam, Blockbuster (no. 1 in their UK homeland), Ballroom Blitz and Hell Raiser.

    However, if you wanted to know what the Sweet really sounded like you needed to check out the b-sides of their singles and their not so frequent early albums such as 'Sweet Fanny Adams'. The B-Sides of their singles were far heavier and far less pulp-pop/glam than the A-sides. Here's a couple of tracks to get you going:

    Burn On The Flame (one of their b-sides)

    Set Me Free (Opening Track on 'Sweet Fanny Adams' LP)

    And why they've left 'Hell Raiser' (which was also a big hit all over Europe) off that compilation is beyond me

    And here's 'Lady Starlight' (no not Lady Gaga's pal) for good measure.

  3. I've just remembered another great Sweet B-Side (to the 'Turn It Down' single) with the classic opening line

    If You Don't Go Down On Me Someone Else Will

    'Someone Else Will'

  4. Great comments and links, Anon, thanks......I will investigate further

  5. HEre is the CD that is a favorite of mine with all the Sweet tunes: