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Monday, June 2, 2014

Human Expression and Other Psychedelic Groups

Found this one a couple days ago on Venenos Do Rock (and it's a FANTASTIC site. very and couldn't wait to share it with any of you guys who might have missed it there, I think it's pretty rare, at least I don't seem to recall seeing it before, and the tracks are both obscure and great.
professionally done and LOTS of good and rare stuff there, please visit, check out and patronize this very excellent blog,

Much of the site is not in English and I am not able to discuss EXACTLY what we have here, but from what I can tell it is a hodgepodge of tracks from the Cicadelic Label.....certainly we all DO know Human Expression, they get three tracks here including the pretty well known "Your Mind Works In Reverse"....the rest is a collection of extreme fuzz guitars, haunting keyboards, tortured vocals and goofball dated lyrics......absolutely a great find, listened to it TWICE yesterday it is so cool.

Taking the lazy way out today, raiding another blog, but I want to be sure the paych fans who come HERE and may not go THERE pick this one up, it is worth it big time. IF YOU DO check it out, please stop by and give thanks to him as well, and check out his other awesome stuff!

HUMAN EXPRESSION AND OTHER PSYCHEDELIC GROUPS-01 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-Thoughts/02 THE REMAINING FEW-In the Morning/03 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Your Mind Works In Reverse/04 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Calm Me Down/05 THE HUMAN EXPRESSION-Optical Sound/06 SILK WINGED ALLIANCE-Flashback/07 SILK WINGED ALLIANCE-Hometown/08 THE REMAINING FEW-Painted Air/09 THE CICADELICS-We're Gonna Love This Way/10 MECHANICAL SWITCH-Everything Is Red/11 MECHANICAL SWITCH-Spongeman/12 CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM-You Can't Erase a Mirror/13 CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM-August Mademoiselle/14 THE KYKS-Where Are You/15 THE KYKS-When Love Comes Searching For Me/16 THE RUBBER BAND-Forever Friday/17 THE RUBBER BAND-Below Up, Above Down/18 THE GRUVE-You're Gonna Love Me/19 THE GRUVE-Take Hi Five/20 THE FRONT PAGE NEWS-You Better Behave.

Magnificent set, please check it out!