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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Supafuzz (partial, help out if ya can)

Was listening to some Supafuzz today and decided to post them, in spite of the fact that I have only a
small portion of thier output.....two albums, to be accurate, but they are pretty good slabs of hard fuzzed-out stoner rock, the kind I love (think Fu Manchu/Orange Goblin).....they were from down the road in Lexington Ketucky, and consisted of drummer Chris Leathers, bassist Jay Groves, guitarist Eric Belt, and singer/guitarist David Angstrom.

Short and hard-rocking numbers with some occasionally clever songwriting give these dudes thier identity, do not have (nor have I heard) the self-titled 1998 debut disc....the earliest release is 2000's "All About the Rock", which really IS, lotta good ones here, "Tonic and Cigarettes", "Arguing With God", "And Then She Blooms".......really a good effort, I hope a few folks at least get turned onto it....

The other disc I have is from 2002, "Down For the Undeground", which, for whatever reason, repeats a lot "All About".....I'm sure there were legal/label reasons for this but the albums are NOT identical, and there is some good stuff on "Down" as well.....

Good, rocking stuff, but here is the thing: they have released a pair of EP's ("LAMF", "Gimme Gimme") as well as the debut album I don't have, as well as a 2004 release, "Vertigo".....never heard ANY of them but would love to, anyone out there in blog-universe have them? Love to share the ones I DO have though, they rock hard and are quite worthwhile

If you can help a brother out with the rest of thier stuff, PLEASE hook the rest of us up.....

ALL ABOUT THE ROCK-01 Fool No More/02 I Am the King/03 Sick of It/04 Tonic & Cigarettes/05 Confessions/06 Subsonic/07 Arguing With God/08 And Then She Blooms/09 Anesthesia/10 Blame/11 We're Alright/12 Bottomed Out/13 Fade

DOWN FOR THE UNDERGROUND-01 Subsonic/02 Fade/03 Arguing With God/04 Tonic & Cigarettes/05 Confessions/06 Under a Gun/07 Mr. Policeman/08 Bushog/09 Unglued/10 Superstar/11 Sick of It/12 I Am the King

Lot of overlap, but it's what I have and hope for se help to fill in the gaps!


  1. ALL


    1. anybody know where to find the Vertigo album???

    2. Any chance of a re-post, and does anyone have the complete discography?seems totally obscure.