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Monday, June 23, 2014

Bonus material for retirement week...

Well, what sort of non-musical bonuses shall I dole out this week in my celebratory mood? I have
TONS of stuff, comics, Ebooks, artwork, awesome photo collections.......I could never share ALL my cool stuff (musical and otherwise you should see my DVD stash, I guess I'm kinda a digtal pack-rat/hoarder, but I DO try to do my part to keep it all circulating......

Well, it's Monday, my final Monday as a State of Ohio Employee....I could write a book about the amzing stuff I've seen in 31 years, and I may yet.....some of the stuff would leave you in, on a Monday, let's see.....well, let's do some R Crumb stuff, the Zap! series went over HUGE so here is a TON of Crumb comics of various titles/vintages...."Snatch Comics"..."Snoid Comics".....the legenary "Bible of Filth" WILL NOT BELIEVE the volume of stuff here. I'll make you love me, on way or another.....

I have a problem I'd hope some computer geek could help me
with.....would LOVE to share R Crumb's brilliant "Book of Genesis, HOWEVER, it is fomatted in CDisplay and is too LARGE for Zippyshare to upload.....ANYONE know a way to either convert or split a CDisplay file so it can e uploaded? I would LOVE to share it, it is awesome......any suggestions will be accept!

Anyway, I hope this tickles a funny bone or two the next few days and maybe later in the week, the entire Freak Brothers collection.......anyone interested in that classic shit?


  1. Please do share your underground commix collection! That stuff is getting harder and harder to find at an affordable price these days! Thanks as always! - greg

  2. yeah we now see what a sicko perv you are. 31 years of collecting smut great job you get a gold watch now. enjoy you sicko

  3. CRUMB1







  4. Scott:
    Can help you out - I love that book. I give a copy of it to every pastor of my church when they arrive. Been through 4 of them now, getting ready for a new one. An electronic version is awesome.

    There is a real easy way to split the CDisplay file to fit Zippys requirements.

    WinRar, Winzip, 7 zip all work pretty much the same way.
    Put the CBZ or CBR into a folder - Crumb's Geneis - for example.

    Open your compression program - I right click the folder for the drop down menu - you will see your compression program - left click "Add to Archive".

    The program will open and down toward the bottom of that window you will see something like this - split into volumes, bytes.

    Click the arrow on the dropdown list and select 3.5" 1457664 -
    that is under Zippys limit. Click ok and off you go. You will get 2 or more compressed files numbered in sequence -each file with the maximum above or less. Then upload as usual. You can download the sequential files in the same master folder - i.e. downloads, uncompress as usual and TAAAAAADAAAAAAA you have your Crumb Genesis folder with the big file inside all neatly together, ready to be enjoyed.

    Thanks for the great posts. Getting me excited about blogging again.


    ps - if this is a duplicate - my apologies.

  5. Oh, man, do these ever bring back memories of hanging around Sgt. Pepper's in Hillsboro Village, Music City USA. Working for the State of Ohio can't be any better than working for the State of Tennessee, so my envy of you knows no bounds, Scott. I once told a mugger I worked for the state and he gave me five bucks. I was glad to have it. Had some hopes of retiring soon, but I once made the mistake of giving my wife ballroom dancing lessons for her birthday, and now she's just signed us up for another year. Oh, well, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed may not know it, but whenever she goes to the can, the pretty young thangs come snooping around wanting to dance with the ol' Smooth Operator, his own self. :) That would be me. Nothing puts the starch in an Auld Phart's stride like a hot blonde half his age wanting to engage in what H.L. Mencken called the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. So, Scott, enjoy your retirement, and think now and again on the fun I'm having because I can't escape durance vile as easily as you have. :D


  6. I have a Book of Genesis as cbr (about88mb) or pdf (135mb). Ask and tell me where you want them uploaded. Torrents all over the place.

    1. Hell just upload one of them here, I will give you full credit, thanks in advance if you can


    3. Thanks a million battering I will make note of it in the text of today's blog so everyone can see it! You are the man

  7. This Is Don Your Boss at work. I am sorry to inform you, we just can't let you go this week with retirement. When you come to work on Friday we will FIRE YOU we take this in to account for poor workmanship and also your lates and missing work days. No we can not let you RETIRE we will CAN you tomorrow. Best Regards Your Boss Don Hollister