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Sunday, June 1, 2014

David Byrne/Brian Eno "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts"

A seemingly forgotten minor-classic, I loved this album
when it came out in 1983 or whenever it
was.......Brian ENo and David Byrne lay down some super-groovy funk tracks and compliment them with various "found" speech segments, from radio broadcasts or whatever...the result is a very different listening experience, unlike maybe any you have ever had......

I know of know proper way to describe this, suffice to say that "Mea Culpa" and "The Jezebel Spirit" are nothing if not interesting, but the highlight for me is the fantastic "America is Waiting", a great track no matter what era, artist, or me. If you are a fan of 1970's Roxy Music-type stuff, or 1980's Talking Heads-type stuff, you know what I mean about the rewards of taking chances, and this is a possible gem that you may have overlooked.....personally I recommend it, and I can PERFECTLY what I mean about the risks/rewards of taking CHANCES, as so many are afraid to do.

MY LIFE IN THE BUSH OF GHOSTS-01 America Is Waiting/02 Mea Culpa/03 Regiment/04 Help Me Somebody/05 The Jezebel Spirit/06 Very, Very Hungry/07 Moonlight In Glory/08 The Carrier/09 A Secret Life/10 Come With Us/11 Mountains of Needles/12 Pitch to Voltage/13 Two Against Three/14 Vocal Outtakes/15 New Feet/16 Defiant/17 Number 8 Mix/18 Solo Guitar With Tinfoil



  2. One of my faves, too. Scott, I remember hearing that on the 'Remain in Light' vinyl original issue there was a song called 'Qu'Uran' that was dropped in the CD version.... my vinyl has been 'claimed for the ages' by my nephews so I don't have it to reference but are you aware of this? Or have a vinyl rip of the LP? THANKS either way.....just you know, for being here.

  3. I do have a vinyl rip of Remain in Light....I will check when I get home, honestly that track doesn't ring a bell but I'm not certain

  4. johnster monsterJune 2, 2014 at 6:22 PM

    qu'ran: B+E had put a musical backing to a field recording of muslim prayer. Considered pretty sacreligious, so they apologized and removed it from subsequent issues. rips of the original vinyl of Bush of Ghosts are difficult but not impossible to find.

  5. I have the track, I will upload once I get the chance. As for it being sacreligious, it is no more so than Madonna's Like A Prayer video, so fuck them if they don't like it.

  6. It was on Bush of Ghosts, not Remain in Light, and the early CD issues had it, but when it was remastered a few years ago it was dropped out of fear of offending the perpetually aggrieved

    1. I figured it was on Bush of ghosts but he did suggest remain in Light. Either way I forgot to check and I do have both albums on vinyl, but simply forgot about it