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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yet another retirement week comic book bonus

Today we have four or five issues of "I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer
Space".......PLEASE, you REALLT expect me to wax poetic about THAT?????? Sorry, if the title does not intrigue, I'M certainly not convincing you! Decide for yourself, I bet it gets MEGA-hits!



  2. Hi Scott This is your Boss Don Hollister. I have been informed of your blogspot from Nancy Mcdougall at your Job here. Seems you have been sexually harrassing her for months. We just got word of this today. We will have to have you come in early tomorrow to discuss this matter in my office. Seems now we may have to put your retirement on hold in this matter. We may have to take measures to let you go without retirement. But you should be eligible for unemployment if you so desire. We take sexual harrassment very serious. Your phone is off the hook , so we can not reach you. Sincerely Don Hollister Have a great day

  3. This is more serious than we had previously thought. Not to invade your internet privacy but other woman have now come forward in this matter. See me in my office 6 am when you come in. Leslie donalmark and I will discuss this as well as your attendance record. Seems we should have let you go along time ago. Have a Wonderful day , Kind regards Your Supervisor Don

  4. Ho ho, very amusing.....shows what YOU know.....first of all I am a government employee, since when did they care about job performance, missed days, being late, for the sexual harassment charges, those babes can hardly keep their claws off of MY crotch, if anyone has a gripe here, it is eternally tolerant ME....nice try though!