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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Naked Lights

Great retro-80's female fronted punk, enjoyed this one a good bit.......from Oakland CA, really good but not
much information for me to share.....the anonymous contributor includes a few words, let's see what he has to say.....

nostalgic for the late 70s early 80s post-punk kind of thing?  reminds me of (in parts here and there) early Gang of Four pointed & sharp staccato guitar, early P.I.L. Jah Wobble bass ('Flowers of Romance'?), early Wire in spots, et al, with FEMALE vocal [LiLiput?]????  This could be your THANG!

definitely one you wanna hear!

01  On Nature/02 Nicht Laden/03 Hedges/04 Blue Ink/05 Barrel/06 New Carrion/07 Pictus/08 Pool on a Plate/09 Undo/10 Mechanical Eye

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