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Sunday, April 30, 2017

soft Machine Boots

These come from longtime friend MD Milner, good boots from early Soft is his description if you wish, I find it pretty on-spot:

Hey Scott,
How's things? There's been some cool stuff on your blog lately, I especially dug that Sonic Youth session. It's been a while since I emailed over some boots, so I thought I'd remedy that a bit. Here's three boots of Soft Machine. Are you familiar with them? These are pretty cool, kind of psychedelic jazzy; reminds me a lot of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. Hope you and your readers enjoy!

soft machine - 1971-03-15, Het Turfschip, Breda,
soft machine - 1974-03-13, Crouse College, Syracuse,
soft machine - 1975-11-26, Cinema Varietes, Marseille,

hope ya love these, soon as I fix my disc drive I'll post Soft Machine's legendary and great "Third", an all-time five star classic.....till then, enjoy these, thanks to MM!

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