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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sonic Jesus

Sorry if I go too much overboard with the shoegaze/neo-psych stuff, BUT I really do consider it kind of the sound of modern rock at the moment......"Grace" is a new release from Sonic Jesus:

Sonic Jesus’ new album ‘Grace’ is officially released March 10th and goes beyond the past boundaries, pushing towards enthralling melodic horizons and modern pounding beats, delivered by a new-found pop sensibility. There’s still a darkness brooding beneath the noise but these new tracks see the project take on a magnificent and insatiable new form.
GRACE-01 I'm in Grace/02 I Hope/03 Modern Model/04 September 9th/05 No Way/06 Space Heels/07 Outdoor/08 Funeral Party/09 Stars/10 fading Lights

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