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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shadow Adept

Good old USA psychedelic rock, another good carpet bomb experience (from Fabio) attached,
check this one out, I like it a good bit. Some conceptual affair here, apparently, for us to decode as well!

VOCA TERRA (Sounds of the Miles) was created (along with Temple of the Atheist Mantis), as one of a pair of concept albums, which, together, tell the story of a planes-walking hunter god/Orion figure who, upon discovering a shamanistic necklace with 32 animal totems, travels time & space in order to purify the various locas/spirit-realms as he searches for his stolen wife, a ghost-lion who lives in the sun.

In the context of VOCA TERRA, he fights and befriends many different spiritual entities, among them a Sphinx whose riddle he must answer, a Tibetan vampire queen who wants to conceive a child with his energy, and a number of socio-political demons he must fight within the present timestream. In VOCA TERRA, our hero also pilots spell-powered sky-ships, gets lost on the NeoTokyo subway in the future, sings with rattlesnakes in the desert, races a Lamborghini for the sake of humanity in a bet against a demon who takes the form of Jeff Gordon, and climbs Jodorowsky's holy mountain while pondering tarot cards in order to reclaim a burning sword with the power to cleave perception in twain. Upon receiving his sword, our hero grows buffalo horns and fangs like a lion in order to do battle with contemporary greed/exploitation. Although he never finds his wife, our hunter becomes a justiciero, and ultimately gifts to the world a mysterious Tesseract, which can enlighten others to the significance of equanimity.

For our hero's exploits in the context of Temple of the Atheist Mantis, please see the description for that album. We hope you enjoy our adventures.


released April 20, 2017 



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