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Saturday, April 22, 2017


I was unfamiliar with this until one o my friends shipped it my way, the gyst is Italian hard rock, with Italian lyrics/ know I LOVE that stuff, whether you do is up to below......

The independent segment of the Italian music scene keeps moving and produce new ideas. A short touch to Zeronauta groped the emergence and try to make themselves known with their debut album, "Backlight" , to be released in the month of April . Toscani Florence , after previous experience with Clever , Giacomo Aiolli (guitar and keyboards), Gregorio Serni (vocals and guitar) and Simone Fallone (bass) join younger Dario Valoti (drums and percussion) to become, since in 2015 , the  Zeronauta . The four boys offer a full-bodied rock that recalls took weight sounds from the 90's , with flavors that range from Italian rock style Verdena vague echoes of grunge. Right from ' opener Find me to save , his voice a little slurred by Gregory , along with the work done in producing the sounds, seems to get us into a sort of cloud that envelops consistent all the work of the four Florentine, a suspended dimension from which you come out only at the end of the particle , the last track on the album. Find me to save ushers us into the world of Zeronauta , made of dilemmas, concerns, requests for help, and in some way by the search for something, perhaps an ultimate meaning, with the feelings that I was I underlie an appealcapable to involve the listener after a few notes. Plastic is a taut piece and compact which shows that sense of disorientation that often evidenced by the lyrics of the songs present in the lineup, while Killer Queen the Zeronauta you might stain the injured sin majesty in the choice of the title (believe with all my compared to their predecessors) but spraying with a little 'sunshine their proposal. The title track is well built, tools and nourish text better mournful song of Gregorio Serni , deadlifts repeated the battery Dario  Valoti give the piece a wrap-around rhythmic gait, excellent introduction to the rest of the journey with me drag and photophobia It is full of energy and the opposition themes, recurring frequently in the entire work of the group. It closes with short dark particle , like a disembodied tail that allows us to get out of the cloud evaporates Zeronauta . "Backlight" will have no difficulty to overcome the Band with satisfaction the rock of the first release, because their commitment and the desire to play these guys seem quite obvious, as well as a lot of very appropriate songs.

CONTROLUCE-01  Vienemi a Salvare/02 Giornno Immobile/03 Sono Romasto Io/04 Plastica/05 Killer Queen/06 Tu Chi Sei/07 Controluce/08 Mi Trascino/09 Fotofobia/10 Particella Oscura

Don't let the language thing bother you as I ALWAYS say.....some good rocking music here

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