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Monday, April 24, 2017

Star Horse

Here are SEVEN (!) excellent EP's and singles of tremendous Swedish dreampop/shoegaze......I think we got all of em, usually I am wrong on stuff like that so, let us see if more of this stuff exists.....

CRUSH EP-01 Kiss a Smile/02 Marybelle/03 My Soul is Bigger Than Yours/04 PLS (Song for Rico)

LUST EP-01 Alone/02 Stranger/03 Pink Balloon/04 Aishiteru/05 Home

DEVOUR EP-01 Hope to Feel a Hand/02 Magic Light/03 Last Night's Haze/04 Darkness is a Colour

SINGLE-01 Don't Get Closer/02 100 Eyes

SINGLE-01 Spend the Night

SINGLE-01 Slower Now/02 Wherever You

1 comment:

  1. Scott, my sincere thanks for this post - the description put it outside my comfort zone, so I just tried Crush by itself - absolutely wonderful! I definitely need to find out more about these guys!