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Monday, April 24, 2017


Another Fabio submission is from Sourvein, who have been around for a while (still? unsure) this album, "Will to Mangle" is from 2002.....I'm not a lover, as Fabio points out, of these type vocals, but the music is skull crushing.........I have a bunch of Sourvein, if you want it request and I'll see if I can find it.

"01 Bangleaf"
"02 Seamerchant"
"03 Blizzard"
"04 Blackzorlac"
"05 ZeroPath"
"06 1%D.F.F.D."
"07 Carveblind"
"08 Dirgewine"


  1. Thanks to DEAR_SPIRIT. Am I right Fabio?

  2. Alrighty then... I request the Aquatic Cult LP, and the Emerald Vulture, Imperial Bastard, and Ghetto Angel EPs. Thanks!

  3. Link found in a mail from my pal Stefano... listened, found good... sended to the good ol' Scott... never listened before to the band.
    I' m a poor workin man cph if you have produced all the music you listened good... for you!

  4. Not making any judgment here.


  6. What's your point? He shared a link, in my opinion this is fine unless there is a complaint.....if there is, my policy is to remove at once.....however, I encourage sharing above all else. That's why I am here at least.

    I'm not a smart there a complaint here or not? If so please tell me, we will fix everything up so everyone is happy hapoy

  7. From my side no complaint at all. Just pointing out which seems to be the source of the upload and giving credit where credit is due. A great blog, by the way.

  8. Personally I come here to share some music... friendly
    without dick-stressing... the links come, the links go... I Never feel rancor if someone post a link coming from me ... without chapeau and ceremonies... really I don't understand... we are OWNERS of What?