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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Scott's Mega-Sons of Garage Fuzz Part 12

Letter M is  abig one so I may not be able to lefty-type all these tune titles tonight......anyway, continuing with
this great torrent/series, we venture on to the letter M.......I have said before, there is no overlap between these and the original (first) "Garage Fuzz" series......please enjoy.....

VOLUME 12-01 MACH FIVE-If I Would/02 MAE WEST & SOMEBODY'S CHYLDREN-Day Tripper/03 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-It's a Happening/04 MAGIC MUSHROOMS-Never More/05 MALIBUS-Cry/06 MALIBUS-I've Gotta Go/07 MANDRAKE-Len/08 MARBLE PHROGG-Love Me Again/09 MATADORS-Indolence/10 MEAT DEPT.-This Week's Children/11 MERREL FRANKHAUSER & HMS BOUNTY-Drivin' Sideways on a One Way Street/12 MERSEY MEN-Yes I Can/13 MERSEY MEN-Miss Ann/14
MESSENGERS-Seen You Around/15 MICHAEL & THE MESSENGERS-(LIFS) Don't Mean Nothin'/16 MICHAEL POLNEROFF-Time Will Tell/17 MIDNIGHT SHIFT-Never Gonna Stop Lovin You/18 MIND GARAGE-Tobacco Road/19 MISSING LINKS-Run & Hide/20 MISSING LINKS-They Say You Lie/21 MISTERS VIRTUES-Captured/22 MODELS-Bend Me Shape Me/23 MODS-Empty Heart/24 MODERN CORPORATION-What to Do/25 MONARCHS-You've Got Love/26 MONGRELLS BAND-Be My Girl/27 MONGRELLS-Funny Day/28 MONKEES-Valleri/29 MONTANAS-That's When Happiness Begins/30 MOON RAKERS-I'm Alright/31 MORNING REIGN-Our Fate/32 MOTHERS
WORRY-Can't Seem To Come Down/33 MOURNING REIGN-Satisfaction Guarenteed/34 MOUSE & THE TRAPS- Lie, Beg, Borrow, Steel/35
MOUSE & THE TRAPS-Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice/36 MOVERS-Hey You Hey Me/37 MYSTERIES-Please Agree



  2. Thx BigScott for this comp, and for posting left-handed! Glad you're back!