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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Vintage Dolls Demos

From good old '72-3 we have "Private World" a double disc set of early Dolls stuff, recorded at various locales.....really rough stuff, but the Dolls are and were legendary.See below lengthy track lists!

DISC 1-01 Bad Girl/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Don't Start Me Talkin'/04 Don't Mess With  Cupid/05Human Being/ 06 Personality Crisis/07 Pills/08 Jet Boy/09 Frankenstein/10 Personality Crisis/11 Looking For a Kiss/12 Bad Girl/13 Subway Train/14 Seven Day Weekend/15 Frankenstein/16 Mystery Girls/17 (There's Gonna Be a) Showdown/18 Back in the USA

DISC 2-01 Endless Party/02 Jet Boy/03It's Too Late (False Start)/04 It's Too Late/05 Bad Detective/06 lonely Planet Boy/07 Subway Train/08 Private World/09 Trash/10Human Being/11 Don't Start Me Talking/12 Hoochie coochie Man/13 (Give Em A) Great Big Kiss/14 Vietnamese Baby/15 Babylon/16 Bad Girl/17 Pills

Disc 1

Disc 2


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