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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wall of Orange

Spacey, recent psych rock......carpet bombed this and will be listening in full's a review:


Wall of Orange was born in Dallas, Texas in 2015 as a collection of songs written by Gary Parks, an indie film and commercial music composer and member of Dallas space rock legends The Tomorrowpeople. Heavily influenced by Shoegaze and Neo-Psychedelic giants of the ‘90s such as The Verve, My Bloody Valentine and early Smashing Pumpkins, Parks set about looking for a sound that would encompass both his love for layered, dreamy soundscapes and the pop sensibilities he had honed during his years in the TV and Film Industry.

After an extensive demo process, recording for eight songs that would become the debut album began in the Spring of 2016. Parks enlisted longtime musical friends Danny Rix on bass guitar and Matt hunt on drums for session work and recording at Pure Evil studios continued into the summer, with final mixing taking place during July and early August. While final polish was taking place on the mixes, video production for the first single, “Sweetest Blue” began. Mastering for the record was done by Carl Saff in Chicago and on August 24th the album and video were released.

What people are saying about Wall of Orange:

“The latest release from Dallas’ Wall of Orange is a lovely hybrid of ephemeral, 90s, psychedelic influences. It’s a joy to listen to.”
-KXT 91.7 FM

"Absolutely stunning”

 "Wall of Orange's sound truly fills the room. Their aura exudes spacious floating concepts coupled with some very thought provoking lyrics. Their self-titled debut consists of eight inspiring tracks that infuse a ton of positive energy. Your music collection needs this album. Wall of Orange possess a freshness often lacking in today’s rock music."

"Wall Of Orange with their whimsical debut have just verified themselves as one of the strongest upcoming acts of not just the restive sub-genres that they serve, but of a much broader notion of rock music in general."

With the help of US and UK radio airplay as well as a very active social media presence, Wall of Orange continues to gain a following worldwide. Touring begins Summer 2017.


01 Sweetest Blue/02 Small Hour Crimes/03 View From a Broken Couch/04 Monster/05 Lost By The Sea/06 Little Destroyer/07 New Medecine/08 Hellogoodbye


  1. That guitar riff on Small Hour Crimes seems to have been borrowed from Aphrodite's Child album 666.

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