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Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Dolls demo I didn't have before

Years back I posted a big slew of New York Dolls rarities, thought I had all the demo sets, but this one is new to me........"Private World, The Complete Early Studio Demos 1972/73" is one that I was unaware of, at least packaged like this, two discs.....some of the recordings have probably turned up on some of my other comps, but there is some stuff here I had not heard before.

Basically, these are the tracks on the first two Dolls albums, done in various New York Recording studios......the tracks will be familiar for the most part, but these sludgy versions are quite pleasant to behold.......pretty sure my previous Dolls-Ultra rarities post is long gone, might even have been pre-zippyshare, but here's one I'm happy to discover and pass on.

DISC 1-01 Bad Girl/02 Looking For a Kiss/03 Don't Start Me Talkin'/04 Don't Mess With Cupid/05 Human Being/06 Personality Crisis/07 Pills/08 Jet Boy/09 Frankenstien/10 Personality Crisis/11 Looking For a Kiss/12 Bad Girl/13 Subway Train/14 Seven Day Weekend/15 Frankenstien/16 Who Are the Mystery Girl/17 (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown/18 Back In the USA

DISC 2-01 Endless Party/02 Jet Boy/03 It's Too Late (False Start)/04 It's Too Late (Full Version)/05 Bad Detective/06 Lonely Planet Boy/07 Subway Train/08 Private World/09 Trash/10 Human Being/11 Don't Start Me Talking/12 Hoochie Coochie Man/13 Give Her a Great Big Kiss/14 Vietnamese Baby/15 Babylon/16 Bad Girl/17 Pills/18 Personality Crisis

Happy to find this gem, hope ya like it!


  1. D1

  2. D2

  3. Hell, I didn't even have this one B.S. Thanks a mill!

  4. Highly HIGHLY recommend this! Hell, I prefer it to their released work.

  5. I never heard of this one either. Proves after over 40 years you still can learn something! ;-) Thx BigMan!