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Friday, November 20, 2015

Titus Andronicus

I've been quite taken with this band since I first heard em, that they have not developed more of a
following is kind of a mystery to me.......they have what it takes.

Titus Andronicus is vocalist/guitarist Patrick Stickles, drummer Eric Harm, bassist Julian Veronesi, guitarist Adam Reich, guitarist Jonah Maurer, and keyboardist Elio DeLuca.....they hail from New Jersey, and, as for the sounds of the now half-over decade of the "2010's", they have really cranked out the noisy rock n roll, in an era in which noisy rock n roll findings are like striking oil in your'd THINK they'd be more well known, more "in your face" than they are......instead they turn out some blistering noise rock, and if you are not familiar with them, become so, great hard rock n roll bands are a relative scarcity in this era,,,,,,and here is one.

The debut album "The Airing of Grievances", is a very minor classic from 2008, it was one of the top albums of that year....the sound is somewhat akin to........Kelhaul? A Place to Bury Strangers?......somewhere around there. I love this disjointed, incoherrent rock n roll noise/mess, for me this album will, I think, be MUCH more appreciated in the future than it is now (often I say that, I'll be dead before I'm proved right/wrong, so I may as well act as though I know of what I speak.)

2010 saw the release of album #2, "The Monitor". It follows up on the concepts of the debut and builds on them, it's MY favorite effort that they've churned out (although, if you're a noise-rock fan, I'd say these are ALL essential. for whatever THAT is worth).......this a FINE album, perhaps 2010's best, with the great leadoff number "A More Perfect Union" and many other freaked-out gems ala "Titus Andronicus Forver" and "Theme From Cheers" (!)....a must hear, and a totally underrated album, unless I missed something (always a possibility)

Album #3, from 2012, is "Local Buisness"......a step backwards, but only IMO, as I know people who love it......WAAAAY more stripped down than the other two, but again, this is a good, solid, interesting, and hard ROCKING band that deserved a better follwoing than I suspect the have/had. Personally (don't have it in front of me), but I would consider it one of the top 10 of IT'S year of release (2012), it's a fine listen all the way through, as are the will do yourself a favor if you get turned on to THESE guys, they are really awesome and you will LOVE them.

They also have a 2015 album ("The Most Lamentable Tragedy") which I don't have and havenot heard.....obviously the best thing would be for someone to share a copy with then rest of us, should one of you have one. 

These albums flat out rock........all three (suspend judgement om #4 til I hear it).......if you love hard
rock, metal, fuzz rock, noize rock, and flatout feedback assaults, PLE$ASE, PLEASE don't miss this tremendously underappreciated and blazing, smoking hard rock band......each decade has its overlooked great bands that are not appreciated until they are anthologized 20 years later. Perhaps Titus Andronicus will be that band, right now, to these ears, they are THAT good.

THE AIRING OF GRIEVANCES-01 Fear and Loathing In Mahwah, NJ/02 My Time Outside the Womb/03 Joset of Nazerat'sBlues/04Arms Against Atrophy/05 Upon Viewing Brughel's "Landscape With the Fall of Icarus"/06 Titus Andronicus/07 No Future Part One/08o Future Part Two/09 Albert Camus

THE MONITOR-01 A More Perfect Union/02 Titus Andronicus Forever/03 No Future Part Three-Escape From No Future/04 Richard II/05 A Pot In Which To Piss/06 Four Score and Seven/07 Theme From "Cheers"/08 To Old Friends and New/09 ....And Ever/10 The Battle of Hampton Roads

LOCAL BUISNESS-01 Ecce Homo/02 Still Life With Hot Duece On Silver Platter/03 Upon Viewing Oregon's Landscape With the Flood of Detritus/04 Food Fight!/05 My Eating Disorder/06 Titus Andronicus vs the Absurd Univers (3rd Round KO)/07 In a Big City/08 In A Small Body/09 (I Am the) Electric Man/10 I Tried to Quit Smoking

I feel so weird, posting thetse guys, trying to expose them a bit, when, in my estimation, they should already be big stars......someday or another, there will once again be a market for skull-shattering rock n hope is that Titus Andronecus is still at it at that point, because they are great.....imagine had they turned up in 1976 or in 1994, just as examples....the trends were right and they'd have been, quite simply, is unfair to a lot of us.


  1. Fan-fucking-tastic post Big Scott! Way to go mfo! Love these guys and didn't have any in the library........Thanks big time, bro!



  3. LOCAL

  4. Terrific, as always. Wonder if anyone could compile a New Bomb Turks post. Hard to find quality posts from them. Thank you.


    Titus Andronicus Daytrotter Session


    Titus Andronicus Mixtape LLC

    This is mish mash of various live tracks, covers, originals. Sound quality varies widely

  7. Much appreciated guys!