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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eagles of Death Metal

A good band reintroduced to us in less than favorable circumstances, Eagles of Death Metal were performing last week in Paris at the sight of the ISIS attacks... first time I'd heard thier name in a while, Eagles of Death metal are/were basically a floating conglomeration of various stoner scene vets, unified by QOTSA's Josh Homme.... anyway, good enough time as any to feature them here. BTW, These lads have NOTHING to do with "death metal".... the name is more  a stab at the "band" The Eagles, actually.....

"Peace Love and Death Metal" was released in 2004, it contains a lot of stoner-scene guests, such as my love Brody Dalle and Nick Oliveri, some good tracks on here, "Miss Alissa" and "I Only Want You" are decent (ahem) "Stoner-pop"......

Next came "Death By Sexy", similar format, lots of guest appearances....."I Gotta Feelin'" and "I Want You So Hard" standout, not so much the "bonus" cover versions that are tacked on the end of the be the judge!

Finally we have "Heart On", another similar collection, featuring "Wannabe In LA" and some other decent moments, who would have guessed that this crew would release three albums, decent ones at that........I understand they have a recent release "Zipper Down" which I have not heard or found.....anyone wanna hook a brother up?

And since I love you all so much, I have perhaps the DEFINITIVE Eagles of Death Metal recording, 2003's "Live at Slims"..... nice and grungy, a lot of early versions of the tracks on the first album.... note to dabblers, if I were to seek out only ONE album here, the live effort would be me?

A bad circumstance for thrusting Eagles of Death metal back into the spotlight, but perhaps one tiny iota of good can come amidst the tragedy, if I can introduce them to a new fan or two. I hope so, we need to salvage SOMETHING good from a tragic situation.

PEACE LOVE AND DEATH METAL-01 I Only Want You/02 Speaking In Tongues/03 So Easy/04 Flames Go Higher/05 Bad Dream Mama/06 English Girl/07 Stacks o' Money/08 Midnight Creeper/09 Stuck In the Metal/10 Already Died/11 Kiss the Devil/12 Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)/13 San Berdoo Sunburn/14 Wastin My Time/15 Miss Alissa/16 Miss Sanders/17 Just Nineteen

DEATH BY SEXY-01 I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)/02 I Got a Feelin (Just Nineteen)/03 Cherry Cola/04 I Like to Move in the Night/05 Solid Gold/06 Don't Speak (I Came to Make a BANG!)/07 Keep Your Head Up/08 The Ballad of Queen Bee and Baby Duck/09 Poor Doggie/10 Chase the Devil/11 Eagles Goth/12 Shasta Beast/13 Bag O Mirales/14 Nasty Notion/15 Beat On the Brat/16 Addicted to love/17 High Voltage Rock n Roll
HEART ON-01 Anything 'Cept the Truth/02 Wannabe In LA/03 (I Used to Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants/04 High Voltage/05 Secret Plans/06 Now I'm a Fool/07 Heart On/08 Cheap Thrills/09 How Can a Man With Som Many Friends Feel So All Alone/10 Solo Flights/11 Prissy Prancin/12 I'm Your Torpedo
LIVE AT SLIMS-01 Intro/02 Bad Dream Mama/03 Kiss the Devil (Who Will)/04 So Easy/05 Wastin My Time/06 English Girl/07 Already Died/08 Stuck In the Metal With You/09 Miss Reprezentin (Miss Alissa)/10 Whorehoppin/11 Speaking In Tongues/12 I Only Want You

Good stuff here, check it out, but all the while keep in mind the victims of the I said before, if a tiny smidgen of good comes from this tragedy, could it be that a few of you discover that Eagles of Death Metal really were a good, solid, humorous, novelty rock band........hope you enjoy em!






  5. i thought they'd be shitty cause i don't like death metal but they sound good kinda reminded me of the damned

  6. Thank you for these!

    You can get "Zipper Down" here:

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