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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some more "rare" AC/DC, I am assuming

The other day someone (Brian to be specific) asked about ancient AC/DC recordings, I didn't have a
lot, just a BBC session that he may or may not have already had....but in that post I also mentioned my friend Alan, who is an AC/DC obsessive (Seen them 12 times) and he promised to share a couple of rarities with us.......this is his first contribution, and I know that at least I have not heard it....

The Marcus Hook Roll Band gave us the album "Tales of Old Granddad" in 1973......this is the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, of course later of AC/DC fame, also guitarist George Young (relationship, unsure), sax wailer Alex Young (ditto), bassist Freddie Smith, and drummer Ian Campbell........hey I NEVER said this was a GREAT album, but with the interest that has always existed with this band (AC/DC, I mean), any rarity submitted is almost as good as double coupons at Kroger-day.

Although there are only some slim fragments of what would become AC/DC songs later, one can certainly hear the roots of what was coming.......this isn't bad, it's nothing if not interesting, and I hope it is a new find for some of buddy Alan will be TOTALLY pissed (I had to explain to him how to RAR/share, etc), if you hosers ignore it, so do me a fave and check this out.....hell, maybe it's a good one?......I found it to be listenable, at least, and, for what more can we ask?

Here it is.......for those about to rock.......FIRE!........I guess so.......

lady/03 Shot In the Head/04 Can't Stand the Heat/05 Godbye Jane/06 Quick Reaction/07 The People and the Power/08 Red Revolution/09 Cry For Me/10 Silver SHoes and Strawberry Wine/11 Watch Her Do It Now/12 Ape Man

REALLY like to hear comments on this one....NEVER  a huge AC/DC fan, but certainly DID enjoy at least, their most obnoxious material..........this is the bare/raw bones of what would eventually sell millions of albums (gag) and begat stuff like "Highway to Hell" and "Hells Bells"........gosh don't you just love life sometimes?



  2. George Young is the older brother of Angus & Malcolm. He & George Vanda were well known writers-producers down under in the sixties (The Easybeats'"Friday on My Mind" most prominently).

  3. I'm very interested to hear this! Thanks!