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Monday, November 9, 2015

Rockabilly Rebels

While I am not a HUGE rockabilly fan, I do enjoy it in the same way that I enjoy punk or gangsta
rap, even the nazi stuff I occasionally post, as it is/was music that threatens/scares people......a long time ago I posted the four disc classic "Rockin Bones", I think the best rockabilly comp of them all, and I've dabbled in some Wanda Jackson/Collins Kids and some others.

Anyway, I found this one in outer space, apparently an internet creation from some unknown rockabilly lover....there's a lot of pretty standard stuff here, but also some stuff I had not heard before (keep in mind that I am NO expert in the field by any means).

Disc 1 contains a couple of Elvis Presely tracks, who I DO NOT love, but these are pretty good, but great shit from Brenda Lee, Hank Mizell, and Sleepy LaBeef, among others, set the tone for what is a really enjoyable set, even if, you, like me, are not an expert on this stuff.

Elvis turns up on disc 2 as well, but Carl Perkins basically steals the show with three great tracks, although the three Johnny Burnette tracks are pretty damn good as well. Also good stuff I hadn't heard before from Dean Beard With the Crew Cats, Graham Fenton, Don Cole, and others......expand your horizons, metal-heads, this is good stuff.

Finally Disc 3......more Carl Perkins, more Johnny Burnette, plus Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and lots more.........I really enjoyed listening to this one on the commute (down/back) today, I think that if you are not genre-locked this might be something you might enjoy........if not, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, as you know my middle name is "Variety" (actually, it's "Michael", but whatever)...

DISC 1-01 BILL FLAGG-I'm So Lonely/02 BRENDA LEE-Bigelow 6-2000/03 CHARLIE
FEATHERS-One Hand Loose/04 CURTIS GORDON-Mobile Alabama/05 DON WOODY-Barking Up the Wrong Tree/06 ELVIS PRESELY-Mystery Train/07 ELVIS PRESELY-That's Alright/08 GLEN GLENN-One Cup of Coffee/09 HAL HARRIS-Jitterbop Baby/10 HANK MIZELL-Jungle Rock/11 HUELYN DUVALL-Comin' Or Goin'/12 JACKIE WALKER-Only Teenagers Allowed/13 JOE CLAY-Ducktail/14 JOHNNY GARNER-Didi Didi/15 JOHNNY RESTIVO-The Shape I'm In/16 LEW WILLIAMS-Abracadabra/17 PAT CUPP-Do Me No Wrong/18 REX ALLEN-Knock Knock Rattle/19 ROY HALL-Blue Suede Shoes/20 SLEEPY LABEEF-Little Bit More/21 TERRY NOLAND-Ten Little Women/22 VARIOUS-Pink Cadillac/23 VARIOUS-Pretty Bad Blues/24 VINCE TAYLOR-Brand New Cadillac/25 WEBB PIERCE-Teenage Boogie

DISC 2-01 AL COKER-Don't Go Baby/02 CARL MANN-Pretend/03 CARL PERKINS-Boppin' the Blues/04 CARL PERKINS-Matchbox/05 CHARLIE FEATHERS-Tongue Tied Jill/06 DEAN BEARD WITH THE CREW CATS-Rakin' and Scrapin'/07 DON COLE-Snake Eyed Mama/08 DON WOODY-Bird Dog/09 ELVIS PRESELY-Blue Moon of Kentucky/10 FRIEDRICH GULDA-Chopin Ballad #2/11 GENE VINCENT-Bluejean Bop/12 GRAHAM FENTON-Rockabilly Rebel/13 HAL HARRIS-I Don't Know When/14 HUELYN DUVALL-Friday Night on a Dollar Bill/15 JACK SCOTT-Leroy/16 JIMMY STEWART & HIS NIGHTHAWKS-Nothin' But a Nuthin'/17 JOHNNY BURNETTE-All By Myself/18 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/19 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Rock Billy Boogie/20 MOON MULLICAN-Moon's Rock/21 RICKY NELSON-Stood Up/22 RONNIE SMITH-Long Time No Love/23 ROY DUKE-Behave, Be Quiet, or Begone/24 THE STRIKES-If You Can't Rock Me/25 TOMMY SPURLIN-Hang Loose

DISC 3-01 BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS-Two Hound Dogs/02 CARL PERKINS-Honey Don't/03
CONWAY TWITTY-Rockhouse/04 EDDIE BONDS-Flip Flop Mama/05 EDDIE COCHRANE-Skinny Jim/06 GENE HENSLEE-Dig'n And Datin'/07 GENE MALTAIS-Crazy Baby/08 GENE VINCENT-Be-Bop-A-Lula/09 HANK THOMPSON-Rockin' In the Congo/10 HOYT STEVENS-'55 Chevy/11 JAY BLUE-Get Off My back/12 JERRY LEE LEWIS-Mean Woman Blues/13 JOE CLAY-Sixteen Chicks/14 JOHNNY BURNETTE-Sweet Love On My Mind/15 JOHNNY GARNER-Kiss Me Sweet/16 LEW WILLIAMS-Bop Bop A Doo Bop/17 MERLE KILGORE-Everybody Needs a Little Lovin'/18 ROCKIN' SAINTS-Cheat On Me Baby/19 ROY HALL-Three Alley Cats/20 ROY ORBISON-Ooby Dooby/21 SONNY BURGESS-Ain't Got a Thing/22 VARIOUS-Rockin' Rollin' Stone/23 WARREN SMITH-Rock N Roll Ruby/24 WAYNE RANEY-Shake Baby Shake/25 WELDON ROGERS-So Long, Good Luck, and Goodbye

I think this is a fine collection, as I am ALWAYS interested in genres that I enjoy but am not really expert in (not that I'm "expert" in ANYTHING)...........I like this set quite a bit, please leave comments if you do as well.


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  4. Thee isn't anything to rare here but they are a nice compilation of some of Rockabilly's many different styles. They are a good listen. Thanks man!