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Friday, November 20, 2015

Best of Nordland

Feel like stirring some shit up, haven't done so in a mind was sparked by a "comment" I
recieved today from someone who just tripped over one of my old "Nazi Rock" posts that you folks love so much.......this comment was something like (paraphrasing) :"Yeah preach it bro! White Power!".......Uhh, yeah, OK....

I DO NOT, as I have explained many times, post Nazi-rock bands/skinhead bands/racist bands because I agree with thier ideology......I post them because I am GLAD that I live in a country where people are ALLOWED to be racists, and NOT have thier thoughts's rare that someone understands this, and I'm THRILLED when someone DOES absorb the message completely, but I must admit I get a laugh or three out of comments like the above, as well as comments preaching at me that I should not acknowledge that this stuff even exists......I always counter that with where were you when I was posting Rage Against the machine, or Crass, or Le Tigre, or Tom Robinson Band, or any of 100 OTHER "hateful" LEFTIST bands I have posted.......I ask, again, are only persons of the liberal/leftist persuasion "allowed" to be hateful? NEVER ONCE has anyone answered this, in general they prefer just to call me names and then disappear.

The album in question here, "Best of Nordland", is pretty decent AS THESE THINGS GO, meaning if you are 100% DOWN on this type of music, likely you aren't going to like this one, and maybe you will even bitch about my posting of it......have at it, nothing wrong with an adult discussion on the topic, name-calling, however is another matter, so please check yourself.

As for the album: well, if one were a FAN of this type of thing, I would say they'd probably enjoy this one a good bit......No Remorse checks in with "Farewell Ian Stuart", an almost embarassing ode to the late Skrewdriver vocalist. Involved Patriots "Three Years of Winter" is a fairly interesting track that I hadn't heard before. Garrison present a couple of fairly good punk/anger stompers, and the finale is from Svastika, whom were featured here in full-post mode a while back.

OK, it'll never sink in to some, but once again......I enjoy that rock n roll scares/threatens some
people.....punk, rockabilly, gangsta rap, and a few others (incuding this stuff) SCARE people......and THAT is rock n's personal shit, it's supposed to scare your parents, your girlfriend, annoying holier-than-thou liberals the end of the day, it's generic, second line punk, with hateful/racist lyrics to draw in the target "audience"......I personally, "get" exactly what they are doing, the people who will complain about my posting AS WELL AS anyone making "White Power" comments in regards to it, well, they are opposite sides of the same coin......they simply don't get it.

I will continue from time to time to post these, not because I really enjoy them that much, but because they stir thought/debate/arguement......a few of you (happens every time) will "never read my blog again" will be missed, what can I say.

This costs you nothing, check it out and see what you think.......perhaps you will HATE it. Great. At least, though, you will have HEARD it, rather than just making unfounded criticisms in the dark......ready,aim,fire guys, I am ready for the usual "hater" comments and the like, but the point remains, this IS rock n roll, and that is what I attempt to explore each time I make a post here.

BEST OF NORLAND-01 KRAFTSCHLAG-Norwind/02 NO REMORSE-Farewel Ian Stuart/03 TOTENKOPF-Stand Proud/04 KINDRED SPIRIT-For You/05 FREIKORPS-Schwarz-Reis-Rot/06 INVOLVED PATRIOTS-Three Years Of Winter/07 RAHOWA-The Rain Will Come Again/08 DIVISION S-A Twisted Tale From/09 SQUADRON-Final Salute/10 VOICE-Fallen hero/11 GARRISON-Pushed to the Limit/12 KRAFTSCHLAG-Sechs Jahre/13 MAX RESIST-Maximum Resistance/14 NO REMORSE-Play the Winning Hand/15 KRAFTSCHLAG-Leif Der Wikinger/16 GARRISON-Have a Drink With Me/17 SVASTIKA-Alliance

There it is, fire away, I can take IS rock n it GREAT rock n roll? Nope, but not everything needs to be. It's loud and crude and attempts to be intimidating. It's listenable, at least once. Just remember, if you are going to criticize me for putting this up (completely your right), examine your own thoughts and wonder why you gave it not a thought when I have posted the aforementioned "hateful" leftists?

That said, BigScott loves you all, really, just like to start shit really. Please, go see "The Hunger
Games: Mockingjay part 2" this weekend, and report back.....I have LOVED the Hunger Games series, the novels as well as the films, both REALLY right up my alley, plus Jennifer Lawerence has that NICE BIG ASS, mmmmmmmmmmm........gonna go see it tomorrow myself, but if you've been here any length of time you will know of my love for distopian fiction........what a weekend? Ohio State vs Michigan State, Minnesota vs Green Bay, AND the fucking Hunger Games.........and with layoff looming in the air for me, HOW COULD LIFE GE ANY BETTER? (I've always loved winter and it's coming up fast!)

Maybe something else tonight, certainly tomorrow, more stuff from da Big Boy.......I'm in  a posting mood.........TELL me what ya want, OR better yet, create/contribute someting like my great friends Brian, Cliff, Jonder, Apantabapanta (MIA?) Dave Sez, Psychlist, and everyone else who has helped over the years to make this scene what it's been, I can't tell you all enough how much it's appreciated.



  2. ...are you seriously equating knuckle-dragging racist white power and neo-nazi hate music with the likes of CRASS or RATM? have seemed to be fairly level-headed in your reasoning in other posts about nazi-music....but this time you really made a great case for anyone to believe you are a complete fool.....

    ....I too am proud to live in a country that can expose idiocy such as what you have chosen to puke forth, with this most recent on dumbass

    1. As pointed out before, I really enjoy posting this stuff, because it seems to upset people like your name-calling self......once again, success!

  3. Oh, and I forgot.....FUCK YOU hypocritical loser.....yu are FINE with hateful leftists (by your own admission), and have a hiss-fit if right wingers produce similar music.....(yawn) the usual, it's ok to be "angry" as long as the angered party agrees with YOU....typical......go have sex with your sister, or whatever you "people" do, and, by the way, if you don't visit us here again, wel (yawn)

  4. is my previous post in it's entirety
    "...are you seriously equating knuckle-dragging racist white power and neo-nazi hate music with the likes of CRASS or RATM? have seemed to be fairly level-headed in your reasoning in other posts about nazi-music....but this time you really made a great case for anyone to believe you are a complete fool.....

    ....I too am proud to live in a country that can expose idiocy such as what you have chosen to puke forth, with this most recent on dumbass"

    ...where in that post did I side with hateful leftists?....what admission are you referring?....point it out genius....I knew before writing my first, post that you were not extremely intelligent...many of your posts prove that...but now I know you are a liar too and a revisionist to boot....and yes is okay to be angry...people get angry on a daily basis about their place in life, about the unfair nature of the modern society,especially in regards to the disproportionate balance of wealth and general welfare between the super-rich and the rest of us....but what is not right is focusing your anger at a group of people because of the color of their skin, their religion or their sexuality....that's the difference you dumb fuck...too bad you are not evolved enough to get carry on with your knee-jerk reactionary responses...because I will tell you this...I will visit again and "wel (yawn)"....suck it bigscott62....until we chat again...

    1. Your inability to do NOTHING but call me names proves your intellectual capacity, there is no arguing that. I have pointed out MANY times what fun it is to post such things, since they annoy,well, "anonymous" folks like this childish, to deliberately irritate someone for fun? Yep, a lot like teasing a small child to the point of a tantrum......but is it fun, when the target is an alleged adult? Oh yes. And, since this particular post has prompted you to spend the time to create TWO name-calling hissy fits, success x 2.....I rarely post this stuff,maybe every 3 months or so, but just for you, there is plenty more to come. So, I'm sure the hate mongers send their thanks to you for helping expose this music. And I thank you for the laughs.

  5. OK, I'll bite. I've never heard anything on a record by Crass, RATM or TRB that espoused genocide. They just aren't morally equivalent to Nazi punk. A better analogy would be a band like Whitehouse. Don't know much about Le Tigre. Who do they hate -- heterosexuals?

    If this is how you choose to celebrate freedom of speech, it's no surprise that you will attract white supremacists and trolls. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. These are the predictable consequences of publicizing a point of view that is well known to offend many people for many good reasons.

    I'm proud to be a lifelong liberal in a free country. And I'm proud to see that you place these neo-Nazis and racists squarely on the right of the political spectrum. Call me "holier than thou" if you want, but the vast majority of human beings (both conservative and liberal) are far "holier" than the perpetrators of the Holocaust or those who celebrate it in song.

    No one says the right wing isn't "allowed" to be hateful. There's a significant difference between criticizing a point of view and repressing it.

    I'm not going to listen to any of these bands, because I think there are some books you CAN judge by their covers. I disagree with you for calling that "unfounded criticism". I am also an "unfounded" critic of pedophilia, for example. I guess I'm just prejudiced against some things. But I still love ya, Scott.

    1. The MAIN thing I enjoy about it is annoying people like "Anonymous Tough guy".......As for pedophilia as an example. I HAVE posted the music of gg alin (sample song title: " I rape children"), For shock value and to kind of not a GREAT example, an ok one though.....ANY music that I post is no reflection whatsoever on my personal beliefs, which I kind of leave out of this on purpose (other than my love of hot women)'s just fun to annoy and offend, if that's childish (and it is) at least it's fun......"anonymous tough guy" has not only personally GUARENTEED more music that bothers him so much, he has promised to stay around, despite his obvious dislike of the blog. You, jonder, make your points perfectly well, and I'm glad to hear them....."anonymous tough guy" does NOTHING but call me names, which IMO, is freaking hilarious.

  6. Hey jonder can you send me an email to I know you probably have before but can't find your address....reason being is Brian wants to get in touch with u about something, and I don't want to put either one of your addresses up here where anyone can see it......thanks

  7. hey man, I'm not gonna call you names, and I am someone who has no problem with you posting these things as interesting curiosities, but I'm really disturbed and disappointed by the way you compare them to left-wing bands. Positing some kind of equivalence between these records and bands like RatM or Public Enemy or Crass (or Le Tigre and Tom Robinson band? What?) is really not ok. Compare them GG Allin if you must (again - I'm not against sharing these things), but comparing people fighting for things like gay rights or an end to police violence with actual, literal nazis is beyond the pale, and I think you cross a real line when you do this. Again, I'm just giving you a sincere opinion as someone who enjoys your blog and hopes you'll reconsider the way you frame these posts.

  8. Hey Scott,

    I haven't posted much here in the comments other than to thank you for some of the great music you made me aware of. You're one of my go to music blogs i thing will continue to be as long as you keep this going.

    I have pictures of family on my mother's and father's side who died in the Chelmno and Treblinka extermination camps, so for me and many others he ideology they espouse had consequences far beyond stirring up some shit.

    I'm not a big fan of some of the left leaning bands you referenced, but was a fan of Tom Robinson back in the day. I don't recall any of his work being hateful, but it's been a while so maybe a re-listen is in order.

    I hope you and your family are well and enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend and thanks again for all the great music.

  9. Can you please post Rock around the Bunker, a 1975 album by French singer and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg drawing from Gainsbourg's experiences as a Jewish child in occupied France.

    "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"

    1. I would LOVE to but I don't have it. Do you by chance have a copy to share? Sounds most interesting.......anyone? This sounds like one I'd LOVE to post

  10. Serge Gainsbourg 1975 Rock around the Bunker