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Friday, November 6, 2015

Blodwyn Pig

Generally when I venture back to the turn of the 70's it's for some of that great heavy-psych that was
turned out and unappreciated at that time......this is a bit different. Blodwyn Pig were formed by Mick Abrahams who left Jethro Tull after one-album......thier sound? Somewhat Tull-ish, blusier, with somewhat less-than great vocals for the most part. With thier sax/flute stuff they turn out a fairly memorable jazz/prog/blues blend for a pair of albums.

"Ahead Rings Out", the debut, is a good effort, ahead of it's time, I'd have preferred it rocked a bit more, but still completely interesting. "Dear Jill" was the single from the album, and there are other decent tracks such as "It's Only Love" and "Modern Alchemist".

The follow up, "Getting to This", is more of the same, basically, highlighted in my opinion by the long, multi-part "San Francisco Sketches"......if you liked "Ahead", you'll like this as well, if not, likely not......

And I do have one more, "Basement Tapes 1969-74", featuring the original crew (they reunited or reformed or something in the 1990's and I don't care), a collection of BBC recordings from the era, with good versions of "Modern Alchemist" and "It's Only Love", also some tunes that didn't make the albums.

I got a few more I might do over the weekend, for now, let me know about this semi-forgotten band.

AHEAD RINGS OUT-01 It's Only Love/02 Dear Jill/03 Sing Me a Song That I Know/04 The
Modern Alchemist/05 Up and Coming/06 Leave It With Me/07 The Change Song/08 Backwash/09 Ain't Ya Coming Home Babe?

GETTING TO THIS-01 Drive Me/02 Variations on Nainos/03 See My Way/04 Long Bomb Blues/05 The Squirrling Must Go On/06 San Francisco Sketches a) Beach Scape b) Fisherman's Wharf c)Telegraph Hill d) Close the Door I'm Falling Out of the Room/07 Worry/08 Toys/09 To Rassman/10 Send Your Son To Die

BASEMENT TAPES-01 The Modern Alchemist/02 Mr Green's Blues/03 It's Only Love/04 See My Way/05 Blues of a Dunstable Truck Driving Man/06 Baby Girl/07 The Leaving Song/08 I Know/09 It's Only Love (Live)/10 See My Way(Live)/11 Blues of a Dunstaable Truck Driving Man (Live)/12 Hound Dog/13 Drive Me


  1. AHEAD

  2. GETTING TO THIS is a FLAC file (sorry) that needed to be split in SIX (!) parts.......what do ya want for nothing, a rubber biscuit?

    PART 1

  3. Part 2

  4. Part 3

  5. PART 4

  6. PART 5

  7. PART 6


  9. Thanks for the Pig! I've liked this band for years.