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Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Metal Tribute to ABBA

You know whenever I stumble across something like this, "A Metal Tribute to ABBA", I'm posting it, no matter how stellar or awful it this case I just found it today so I can't offer up a review or opinion (rarely do I post unheard albums, but of course I AM "Mr variety/My OWN MAN!"......

OK, the obsession that people have had with ABBA over the decades has been one that was WAAAAY over my head, obviously some (many) enjoy some of their stuff... I remember the singles from my youth well, "Waterloo", "SOS", and "Dancing Queen" come most readily to mind, and I'll always remember that classic Halloween episode of "Community" in which the school was overtaken by horrific ABBA "music"......

Anyway, long LONG ago I posted "Gabba", it is SOOOOO great, ABBA tunes done up Ramones-style, I doubt the link is still up, you can check for yourself..... but it's a hilarious mess, and I am willing to bet this one is as well.

Look, if ABBA is your thing, 1) why are you here?, and 2) have you NO sense of humor?....I mean its GREAT that the band maintains it's status of classic 1970's kitsch, that can be bowlderized by modern day bands, who DO have a sense of humor.......most bands just become forgotten, "Your name goes hot, then your heart get cold", to quote Ian Hunter, but what happens NEXT, is your NAME gets cold, least ABBA lives on, and if my band could live on simply for bands of other genres to take on their material, well, hell, I'd be damn proud of that!

Got a dandy for tomorrow, a guest post from a long time contributor who is going to tell us A LOT
about one of his "obsessions"......wait and see, but it's a GOOD post, I've read it and listened to some of the music, it's not exactly the kind of stuff that I usually post, but as you know "ANYTHING goes here, ESPECIALLY if it is something you are passionate about (no problem this case, trust me)......ANYTHING you want to send me and share with the world, PLEASE PLEASE do.....this is the way we will inform each other of cool music in the future, may as well get used to it......and, is it REALLY so bad? I think not.........

A METAL TRIBUTE TO ABBA-01 THERION-Summer Night City/02 METALIUM-Thank You For the Music/03 SINERGY-Gimme Gimme Gimme/04 AT VANCE-Money Money Money/05 MORGAN LEFAY-Voulez Vouz/06 PARADOX-SOS/07 ROUGH SILK-Take a Chance On Me/08 SPIRAL TOWER-Chiquitita/09 SARGEANT EAGLE-Eagle/10 FLOWING TEARS-One of Us/11 NATION-Waterloo/12 CUSTARD-Super Trouper/13 TAD MORSE-Knowing Me Knowing You/14 GLOW-Dancing Queen

OK, this one is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY, and I assume it will be for some of the minions as well.......and hey, if you DON'T like it, remember that I am trying for VARIETY, and no matter what you say I AM SUCCEEDING!



  2. Also check out Fozzy's take on "SOS". Awesome!