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Saturday, November 7, 2015

White Lightning

Surprised I haven't put this one up before but I don't think I have.......excellent comp of White Lightning tracks from 1968-69, White Lightning were formed by Zippy Caplan after he left the (also great)'d be great if I had the original pressings, but I don't, and this really just abaout says it all for this band. Heavy, Cream-like rock n roll, from that late great era of hard pscyh that we are JUST NOW beginning to appreciate. Generally operating as a trio, White Lightning were guitarist Caplan, bassist Woody Woodrich, and drummer Mickey of hard rock of the 1968-72 era (one of MY faves) will thrill to this, check out "Bogged Down" and "(Under the Screaming Double) Eagle", then check the rest, this mother rocks and you know I'd never steer you wrong on the great hard psych of that era......this is a winner

STRIKES TWICE-01 Prelude to Opus IV (Version 1)/02 (Under the Screaming Double) Eagle/03 Born Too Rich/04 Coming Down/05 Borrowed and Blue/06 Bogged Down/07 Let Me Feel It Too/08 Only Love/09 Age (Version 1)/10 Fantasy Days (Version 1)/11 No Time For Love/12 William Tell/13 Prelude to Opus IV (Version 2)/14 Freedom/15 Groundhog/16 1930/17 Just Let the World Roll On By/18 Before My Time/19 Age (Version 2)/20 Fantasy Days (Version 2).

This is a good one.