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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Punk Rock Sampler

I found this on Pirate Bay, thought I'd pass it along as it's one good comp, homemade obviously (YAY more
music in alphabetical order!), but it does contain some damn interesting and more rarely-comped tunes than most on-line punk anthologies.......let me hit a highlight or two, it's really quite impressive how few layups/obvious selections are here.

Agnostic Front, for example, are given a couple tracks here, it's kind of unusual that they are comped......Crass are practically NEVER comped, they turn up here with "Bloody Revolutions", a great representation of Crass' unique stylings. Oh, hell, what else.....Cro-Mags, DRI, Dummy, The Exploited ("Fuck the USA"), are rarely comped.....LOTS of good stuff here that is not the stuff that turns up on every collection, although, there are a few that are GOOD but readilly available, such as Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl", The Dickies "Paranoid" (an absolute classic for my money), and Sham 69's great "Borstal Breakout"......great tracks, all, but commonly heard on comps.

But, for the most part, the unusual/outstanding tracks dominate this set. "Tube Disasters" by Flux of Pink Indians certainly is not comped all that often. GG Alin, of all people, turns up with "Bite It You Scum".  There are THREE great tracks from Naked Raygun's fab "Throb Throb" album, which I imagine I have posted here at some point or another (I'll check, if I haven't I should have), my Ohio homies New Bomb Turks contribute a couple of efforts, Reagan Youth, The Partisians, The Wretched Ones, and Total Chaos all contribute fab tracks, and, if you like what I've touched on, browse the track list, there is some damn GREAT shit here, quite obviously a labor of love if I've ever seen one.

This is another FLAC file, it BARELY exceeded the 200 mb Zippyshare limit, sorry, it has to be in two parts
(the second one is TINY)......OK, this is a fine piece of work that someone who obviously loves the genre has put together, program it however you wish, but there is some FANTASTIC stuff here that you will want to have/hear if you are a fan of the fantastic punk of the 1970's-80's, and if you aren't, why are you here?

A PUNK ROCK SAMPLER-01 4 SKINS-Plastic Gangster/02 7 SECONDS-Walk Together, Rock Together/03 ADOLESCENTS-Amobea/04 ADOLESCENTS-Wrecking Crew/05 AGNOSTIC FRONT-Final War/06 AGNOSTIC FRONT- No One Rules/07 BAD BRAINS-Banned In DC/08 BAD RELIGION-Into the Night/09 BHOPAL STIFFS-Too Many Things/10 BIKINI GIRL-Rebel Girl/11 BLANKS 77-Spirit of 77/12 BOLLWEEVILS-I Lied/13 COCKNEY REJECTS-Oi! Oi! Oi!/14 CRASS-Bloody Revolutions/15 CRO-MAGS-Don't Tread On Me/16 CRO-MAGS-We Gotta Know/17 DESCENDENTS-Hope/18 DRI-Money Stinks/19 DRI-Violent Pacification/20 DROPKICK MURPHYS-Walk Away/21 DUMMY-What Do I Know/22 DYS-Escape/23 DYS-Wolfpack/24
EFFIGIES-Body Bag/25 EXPLOITED-Fuck the USA/26 FLUX OF PINK INDIANS-Tube Disasters/27 FUGAZI-Waiting Room/28 GBH-Give Me Fire/29 GG ALIN-Bite It You Scum/30 GOB-Na Na. Blah Blah, Fuck You/31 KRAUT-All Twisted/32 KRAUT-Matinee/33 MAD CADDIES-SOS/34 MDC-John Wayne Was a Nazi//35 NAKED RAYGUN-Metastasis/36 NAKED RAYGUN-Rat Patrol/37 NAKED RAYGUN-Surf Combat/38 NEW BOMB TURKS-Mr. Suit/39 NEW BOMB TURKS-Summer Romance/40 NIBLICK HENBANE-Roommate/41 PAILHEAD-I Will Refuse/42 PEGBOY-Strong Reaction/43 PEGBOY-Through My Fingers/44 REAGAN YOUTH-Degenerated/45 RUDIMENTARY PENI- Sacrifice/46 SCREECHING WEASEL-I Wanna Be a Homosexual/47 SHAM 69-Borstal Breakout/48 SOCIAL DISTORTION-Mommy's Little Monster/49 SOCIAL DISTORTION-When She
Begins/50 STIFFS INC-Blown Away Baby/51 SUBHUMANS-Mickey Mouse Is Dead/52 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES-Saw Your Mommy/53 THE BRONX-Heart Attack America/54 THE BUISNESS-Suburban Rebels/55 THE DICKIES-Gigantor/56 THE DICKIES-Paranoid/57 THE EXPLOITED-Dogs of War/58 THE GERMS-Lexicon Devil/59 THE PARTISIANS-Police Story/60 THE VANDALS-My Girlfriend's Dead/61 THE WRETCHED ONES-Johnny Burnout/62 THE WRETCHED ONES-Oi! Rodgers/63  TOTAL CHAOS-Babylon/64 TSOL-Richard Hung Himself/65 UK SUBS-Another Typical City/66 VICE SQUAD-Last Rockers

I assume some of you will LOVFE this, others maybe not as much, whatever, we strive for variety and blah blah......comment should you desire, but enjoy this set, it's a REAL labor of love (from SOMEONE).....


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    1. Oi!, like Mr. Tim, one of tthe links don`t seem to be readable format. Thanks!!!!