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Saturday, November 14, 2015

AC/DC BBC Sessions 1976-79

I was NEVER a "huge" AC/DC fan, I did however enjoy them much more in the pre-death-of-Bon Scott era........Brian asked if I have any Bon-era boots, I thought I might, but I don't seem to find anything he doesn't already have, save MAYBE this... it's a good BBC Session, with music from 1976-79... frantic versions of some of their older stuff, I think it does draw the line between the two singers, they do miss out on my fave of the era "Riff Raff".... anyway, if Brian already has this, perhaps you don't, and maybe my friend Alan, who has seen these guys TWELVE times (!) might need this one too... I actually saw them once, maybe 1978 or so and no one can say they don't bring the noise live, but TWELVE TIMES? I don't think I've seen anybody FOUR times.... wow just a lotta times, I guess.... see whatcha think, more stuff later or tomorrow......

AC/DC BBC SESSIONS 1976-79-01 Live Wire/02 It's a Long Way To the Top/03 Soul Stripper/04 High Voltage/05 Live Wire/06 Shot Down In Flames/07 Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be/08 Sin City/09 Walk All Over You/10 The Jack/11 Highway to Hell/12 Girl's Got Rythym/13 High Voltage/14 If You Want Blood (You've Got It)/15 Let There Be Rock

Comments? Not exactly the normal post for the Big Man.......again, to show ya that ANYTHING goes here, whatever YOU want I will try to find it for ya.......I'll check the web, Brian, and see if I can find some shows of that era......stay tuned!



  2. Thanks scott for this.what a band these of my fav's.what i love about then is that they are just a great pure rock n roll band with no bullshit.thanks again.

  3. fucking righteous scotty boy........................rock the fuck on!

  4. Thanks, I loved the Bon ere, it was his sense of humour, I guess. After Hells Bells it all became a tad too formulaic, imo.