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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Judy Nylon and Crucial

Here's a lessser-known semi-gem from 1982, "Pal Judy" from Judy Nylon and Crucial.....some above average, creative dub/reggae rock from a pretty much TOTALLY forgotten band.....This one is worth your while, if you're a fan of the reggae-rock sound of the early 80's......a good one, trust me.

01 Information Rain/02 Dateline Miami/03 Live In a Lift/04 Jailhouse Rock/05 Trial By Fire/06 Sleepless Night/07 Others/08 The Dice/09 Room Without a View


  1. PAL

  2. A little background on Judy Nylon:

    Musicians on the On-U Sound label were sometimes given a "band name" based on whatever lineup was working on a record at Adrian Sherwood's studio. There were some actual groups on the label, but there were also a lot of names like the Missing Brazilians, the Voice of Authority, Strange Parcels, etc that never made more than one album, but whose members were also on lots of other On-U records.

  3. Can you renew the download link? Many thanks